Friday, October 28, 2016

Being Gay Doesn't Need to be Synonymous with 'Egotistical Ass-hat'

The latest issue of "OUT" magazine--which I still get delivered via post, thank 
you very much!--had an interview that intrigued me. The article was about the 
nutter right-wing goof, Milo Yiannopoulos, the guy who feels it his duty to go 
on the attack against anyone who snarks out against societal issues that he's 
not personally affected by.  It was sort of a "Know Your Enemy/Oh, Look! 
A trainwreck" sort of fascination.  I think I shook my head in disbelief from 
start to finish.

Anyway, I wrote a response to "OUT", but I doubt it will get published, so...
here 'tis.

I love the magazine, by the way, and I even love reading about people I disagree 
with wholeheartedly. I simply couldn't hold my tongue!

(Here's the full interview for your perusal!)

Re: Milo Y., a.k.a. "Milo--why?!?"

For someone professing to be anti-victim, he has whining and hand-wringing 
about his own disrespected status. To call him trifling and delusional would 
be a kindness. The appropriately initialed "M.Y." (Pay attention to ME! Look! 
Did you see what I just said?) is merely the frosted-tip of the iceberg that has 
polluted the LGBTQ community for years now. This assertion of shameless,
proudly rude, entitled, talentless shits who enjoy shifting negative focus to 
others rather than growing up and ceasing to be professional trolls is tired. 
Newsflash, dear: Not being an utter douche is NOT weakness, it's being human.

Robert Sayre

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gay Agenda Exposed

The only 'Gay' Agenda
I have
is to Live my Life
without being subjugated
by the external forces
that seek to control,
oppose, oppress, harm,
dismiss and kill me.
Now that we've established that,
can the assholes please stop
living their lives by trying
to negate mine...
cuz I could really use the free time.