Friday, December 21, 2012

My Gift to the Gay-Bashers

Never let it be said that this Daddy isn't a generous
sum-bitch. I have a real need to dole out some
truth, not to mention an extra-special gift for the
homophobes of the world!

It's grown quite tiresome this past year to listen and
watch as homophobes big and small make the most
outlandish of anti-gay remarks, only to issue an
apology days later at the bequest of managers or
P.R. folks or, sometimes-- it seems-- just to piss on us
twice as their insincerity shines through.

Look, if you all must be pricks, just keep it to
yourselves. If you can't, then own it and stop being
pussies. Bigotry, ignorance, and fanatical, oppressive
religious views are nothing new in this country, and we
know what they look and sound like.

Quit being double-assholes by making your
ridiculous, hurtful, self-important proclamations
(or tweets, facebook status updates, commentaries, etc.)
and, then, insulting our intelligence with a half-hearted
compulsory bullshit apology.

The damage you do to the hurting and young
is insurmountable. It isn't cute, and even though the
world treats your nasty remarks as insignificant, they aren't.
If you have something hateful to say, write it down on
a piece of paper, hold it in your teeth, and deposit it
in my 'suggestion box' while you


Monday, December 17, 2012

Rachel Maddow - David Bahati "Kill The Gays" Bill Sponsor - Pt. One

This is important stuff, and Rachel (as always) sums up an intricate and
complicated subject in a simple fashion, making it more easily digested.

The USA-grown homophobia which fueled and supports this bill and others
like it is ever-present as a threat against us.

Just this weekend, James Dobson attempted to make a (ludicrous)
connection between gay rights and the shooting of the children in Newton
on Friday. Dobson Shows Ass, Works Agenda After Tragedy

This is the sickness of what we face, and we owe it to ourselves to be
educated about them, even as they remain ignorant about us.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Shelter" (full movie)

Great film that shows a sweet and sincere real-life relationship blooming
as one man is recuperating from a break-up and another is fighting his
own feelings as he struggles with his sexuality and place in life.

Great insights into family, growing up, coming out, and self-acceptance
in this superb 'smaller' film featuring the (praises!) often-shirtless Brad
Rowe and Trevor Wright!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Hidden, Normal Lives of Gays and Lesbians (Named or otherwise)

It's still a massive scary struggle for many stuck in small towns,
tight-knit families, religious groups, and majorly homophobic
jobs or positions.

Public advancement of rights and attitudes doesn't reflect the
nature of mindsets in cloistered, isolated sub-groups where
little individuality or visibility flourishes.

In these inculcated units of repression and assimilation,
there is still much private suffering. Those who live in a daily grind
without support, those who are questioning and deliberating while
too afraid to seek out like people, and those who are fighting
against their nature and desire,  are all likely to receive an even
higher dose of venom and rhetoric, if not abuse.

The unstable, hateful forces that oppose us (and anyone who is
different) take advantage of the quiet, the unsure, the struggling,
and the conflicted.

Truth is that no matter how visible many of us are nor how much
public strides are made, the vast majority of us will always be
unspoken, unidentified, private, quietly and
unannounced. Unassuming. Wanting sexuality to be only a simple
and minor aspect of the whole. (Or wanting to ignore it all together.)

They are, and have been, and will always be part of us.

They are no less important, nor any less one of us, than the most vocal
activist. And in all our zeal to be confrontational and visible, we cannot
overlook that they will bear the brunt of the ignorant in  retaliation
against us.

They cannot be forgotten.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Battles..but Not the War

Keep looking to the mountain top;
There's no telling how many times we may
have to replant that flag!

Keep on keeping on...
we deserve better than they would
choose to allow us to have.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Word of Advice for Holiday (Coming) Outings

I know that for those of us newly having come to terms with
our sexuality and identity, there can be a transformative
sense of elation and freedom...and also a desire to
share with others, since we have been
burdened with isolation for so long.

Considering this, the holidays can seem like
the perfect time to spring the news on friends
and family, while everyone is in one place and
moods are (at least in pretense and theory) high.

But I would caution folks from doing this, despite the
popularity of the action, without giving ample
thought, time, and consideration to it first.

The euphoria we feel when newly out (even if
only to ourselves) can affect our judgment on
these rather large life-decisions.

Now, the most specific target audience I am
addressing is the youth; anyone still living at home
and emotionally (and particularly financially)
vulnerable. Or, anyone of any age whose living
arrangements or physical well being are tied up
in another's good graces.

The predominant desire--at any age--is that you will
let the family member or friend whom you care about in
on the good feelings so that they too can experience them.

But there is no telling what the response will be,
and the numbers of teens who are kicked out on the street
every year for announcing being gay or lesbian (or for
that matter, questioning) is astronomical.

I don't say this lightly to produce fear; simply to be
the voice of reason and considerate deliberation.

(When I came out to my parents as a young teen,
my father raged and physically threatened me, called
the sheriff to remove me from the home, and screamed
like a madman. I escaped to my 'liberal cool' aunt's house,
where she turned me away as well. You just don't know, and
your safety isn't worth taking chances with.)

If the whole 'being out' thing is new to you,
you should try telling one or two close people
first, in a safe and intimate environment.

The euphoria of being in this new place can warp
your perceptions about whether things are really a good
idea or not. Feelings can lead your mind to think what it
wants, rather than what's realistic. Therefore, even though I
am personally balls out, I suggest others feel out the situation
and circumstances before they potentially put themselves in a
bad situation.

Think it through, be calm, consider it carefully,
get the advice of a great friend or counselor
or even someone else who has gone through the coming
out process. It isn't a race, and if telling people is
a good idea now, it'll still be a good idea later.
Don't rush. You have to consider the big picture.
(Conversely, you can't undo it once done, so...)

On the opposite end of things; if you're feeling
depressed and isolated because you are not
handling your sexuality and your feelings well,
please know that you don't have to go through it
alone. Many of us went through very dark days
on the road to loving yourself; this world is harsh.

But there are places to help, and people who care.
And most certainly you should avoid folks who
make you feel badly about yourself. You deserve better.

There's more to our lives than sex, there's more
to our world than disapproving people. Break out
of the bonds of fear and repression, and just
be free! It's a work in progress...but it is worth it!

For more info, support, and stories
of others, check out


Monday, November 19, 2012

"Christopher And His Kind" (full film)

I love a good biopic, and seeing the history of gays and lesbians through the
eyes of someone who came up (and out) in another time is truly revelatory.

And hey--you can't knock homoerotic scenes of young men wrestling and
fooling around!

Doctor Who fans rejoice!


Monday, November 12, 2012

"Soldier's Girl" full movie

Here's a little "Happy 'Keeping-it-Real' Veteran's Day" for y'all!
Depressing as hell--and infuriating--but worth seeing.

This sobering tale was put out by Showtime in 2003, and tells the
true story of a murder of an army private due to his sexuality.

Remember that this was done in the years that DADT and DOMA
were front burner shitstorms and when Bushie was stirring the
homophobia pot in order to steal another election.

In English with subtitles.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Gayest Show on TV

It's the greatest--and gayest--show on television
that you probably aren't even watching.

While it's come back from the brink a few times
and survived hiatuses and changes in schedule,
"Happy Endings" on ABC is finally (hopefully)
catching on and getting its audience.

Rightfully so: with one regular main cast member who's
gay (and a steady string of boyfriends leading up to
current 'long-termer'--Kyle Chandler!!) it also
is one of the sharpest, wittiest, most fast-paced and
zinger-filled comedies I've seen.

Check it out...tell your the show...
tell ABC you love it. There's nothing keeping
gay-friendly (and good) shows on the air except positive
 feedback and ratings.

(Here's what you need to know before watching the show, below;
six friends, they all crazy, they all sex-crazed, it's over the top!)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

On the Prowl

So I was at the local Super-Store and it was jam-packed full
of manly goodness, so I was scoping the guys out. (Not in a
bad way; although if I ever do get Dominic Purcell in my cross hairs,
I just may shoot him...with a tranq gun!)

I understand why so many men keep it strictly sexual. In those
early, uncomplicated, "please-don't-talk-too-much" hot-and-heavy
encounters, it's just the primal animal act. The musk, the lust, the
bodies letting fly. Once we start to get to know someone, it's all
downhill from there.

I know, for instance, that I can never date any of the following ever
again; conservatives, Republicans, evangelicals, Christians, fanatics,
yuppies/preppies, guys with OCD, guys too tightly wound, emotionally
closed down guys, closeted guys, or smokers.

(Fortunately for me, except for the smoking, all those other traits tend
to belong to the same folks, but it seems to be a high percentage of
the gay populace--or rather, the openly gay populace.)

I just can't stand someone who's anal-retentive, obsessed with looks and
control, hung up on issues with religion, and so forth. Been there, done
that, paid the dues and didn't even get a damned tee-shirt.

All I really want is a blue collar guy; a regular old guy who's laid back
and pretty easy going. That's what seems to temper well with my whacked
out personality. Yet, here in the deep south, those folks are adverse to
being seen with the likes of me, so that gets nixed pretty quickly.

I also don't do 'finesse' or charm or bullshitting well (I am what I am)
and that seems to wreak havoc on potential dates too. Evidently you're
'supposed' to put on a good front, and then ease into the rest later.
Why? If I like someone, and intend for them to stick around, they're
going to find out the real deal sooner or later. Why would I invest
time and energy only to have them reject me later.

If folks don't know I'm a goldmine, that's their shortsightedness and
misfortune. I'm a pip and a holler....and I work what I got. Some folks
just can't appreciate that.

 But back to the eye candy at the store! There were some really fine
beefy burritos of all shapes and sizes, all ages and races, and in every
kind of revealing outfit imaginable. But after I lusted momentarily, I
thought; "meh. Probably a (fill in the blank.)"

I'm just so jaded I can't even enjoy cruising in peace anymore.

This week I saw a hot guy and was beside myself. I found out his e-mail
and sent a message as to how hot I found him. I scared him off. But
direct is how I work, and I guess, really, I don't want to change. Sooner
or later I'll find someone that responds to it...I hope.

But as a dear friend taught me, you can spend the night (or weeks,
or months) pining for someone and remain unaware that they are not
attracted to you, or you can cut to the chase, ask unapologetically,
"You wanna fuck?" and save everyone a whole lot of time and heartache.

After all, if it's not going to work out, shouldn't you be expending energy
on the next potential candidate?


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"If It Was a Snake, It Would'a Bit Ya!"

Well, actually, I think it's obviously two, great big
GIANT snakes, but the lure of the Mighty Whitey,
some fake-ass smiles, and the almighty dollar have
a little more draw than common sense, these days.

Anyway, it couldn't be more obvious than if
Romney and Ryan put out ads where they
called us 'fags' and 'dykes' and then proceeded
to calmly ask us to 'Vote for them anyway!'

I personally am tired of a country that wants
to minimalize me and my feelings, to sweep
under the rug all the violence and bullying and
inappropriate treatment we receive, and to
expect us to expect second-class citizenry.

Things won't change unless we change them.
Any disappointment you have with Obama's
hesitancy and timetables will be exponentially
exacerbated by the aggressive assault Mitt
Romney and company will put forth against
us on behalf of his misguided 'religious' views.

(For more on the matter, check out:)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sonia Leigh "My Name Is Money"

For all the ladies--and possibly a few men--out there who may not have
already caught wind of this extraordinary young talent, here's a heads

Sonia Leigh is fresh, innovative, individualistic, and a definite up-and-comer.
With talent, looks, style, and verve, she's a 'can't miss!'


Outside the Box

I AM...
big and burly,
a comic book and sci-fi geek,
more cerebral than physical,
somewhat learned (but no common sense,)
obsessive and compulsive,
a mystery-solver,
a deep thinker,
a movie buff,
a sexual dynamo,
a lover of all cuisines,
eternally searching,
an aficionado of foreplay,
musically inclined --but all thumbs,
coping with arrested development,
drawn to cons and ne'er-do-wells,
rage-filled and passionate, a civil rights warrior,
an animal lover,
an artist,
a writer,
a son-- four times over,
100% homosexual,
a survivor,
and a man.

I am not
a label.

Nor am I limited to
the ones you might apply
to me.

I am
the sum of all my parts,
and none of my parts will be
dismissed or regulated.


Emaciated Republican Asinine Shrews Embarrass

E.R.A.S.E. the Hate
(Taken from the GLAAD website, article by writer Aaron McQuade)
Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter decided last night
to make a joke about family rejection of LGBT youth.

-Last Thursday was national "coming out" day.This Monday is national "disown your son" day. — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) October 16, 2012-
  I recognize that this is a joke, and that she is not really taken seriously
in any context anyway, but with this coming right after National Coming
Out Day, at the start of Ally Week and just days before Spirit Day, I
thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about this idea of hers.
There was a time in our culture's history when, if thousands of LGBT
kids were to come out on the same day, the next week genuinely would
be exactly what Ann describes, all across the country. Fathers disowning
their sons and kicking them out onto the street. Mothers locking up their
daughters or sending them to charm school. Children forced to undergo
electro-shock or even worse forms of "therapy" to rid themselves of their
orientation. To learn how to not be true to themselves.

And although we've come a long way from those ideas as a cultural
collective, I have no doubt that last week, more than a few American
households experienced the tragedy that Ann joked about. Approximately
50% of LGBT youth experience some degree of family rejection. There
are as many as one hundred thousand homeless LGBT youth on our nation's
streets, and it's estimated that LGBT youth make up as much as 40%
of our nation's homeless youth population. LGBT youth who are completely
rejected by their parents are more than 8 times as likely to have attempted
suicide. Pretty funny, right?

Again, I know it’s a joke, but ANYTHING that adds to the idea that family rejection of LGBT young people is expected, or even "normal" enough to
be casually joked about, causes harm. The kind of harm that Spirit Day was
specifically created to protect against.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

Even though the author was pretty generous with giving Coulter the
understanding that this is her sick, meek, twisted cry for media attention
and she is just a vacuous mouthpiece who gives no thought to her words
beyond stirring the pot, I have a much darker view.

Yes, she is a joke. She is not credible. She is baseless. But that's what
thinking people know; she caters to the ignorant and the uncouth. They
take up people like her as saviours and identify with every vile word they
speak. She is dangerous.

If she were joking about restarting concentration camps or experimenting
on black folks with viruses again, the nation would come unglued, but
because it is the 'good old reliable standby of acceptably-targeted gays
and lesbians,' everyone sloughs it off.

We can't afford to let an ounce of hate speech go unattended, nor taken

as attack. Because words and ideas are where it all starts. And these
freaks are getting bold enough and brazen enough to say worse and worse,
out loud, more often. We know what the next step is.

-Robert Sayre, Georgia Unity/NYDGP

The Trevor Project (Help for LGBTQ Youth)

GLBT National Help Center


University-Sponsored Hate



*The best way to stay up-to-date on HeartStrong's work.
*University of Arizona's Daily Wildcat publishes hateful cartoon

Like the Notre Dame cartoon of 2010 this new cartoon published
by the University of Arizona's Arizona Daily Wildcat shows just
how far we haven't come.

HeartStrong's Youth Empowerment Project is about providing
anti-bullying materials to school counselors and students. In our
battle to save lives you should all know what this university's
newspaper editor thinks is funny.

Parent's HAVE killed their kids if they think they are gay.
This is not a joke.

It's easy to forget that it wasn't too long ago that 30 Rock star Tracy
Morgan said, "Gays need to quit being pussies and not be whining about
something as insignificant as bullying." He added, "Gay is something
that kids learn from the media and programming." When talking about
the possibility of his son being gay - Tracy said he "better talk to me
like a man and not in a gay voice or I'll pull out a knife and stab that
little nigger to death."

We think we can convince young men and women that it gets better.
We think we can prove to them that coming out is about gaining, not
about losing. We think we can help them find the path to a life of hope,
love and peace.

And then they have to see this. This is not a reprint of an old cartoon.
This is a new creation.

HeartStrong has made it's voice known in this issue. Some are calling
on the paper to fire the editor who admits she approved this cartoon.
More than that, even more must be done to help GLBT youth find their way.

Just when we think we are getting places in our own efforts to reach
students, things like this happen and bring us back down to reality.
So many young GLBT men and women around the world are subjected
to this type of language in their homes, in the religious spaces and in
their schools.

The burden to alleviate as much of that fear and shame as possible is
great. We believe that we have a responsibility to those who would be
negatively affected by this type of language to extend our reach even

HeartStrong Support for LGBTQ Youth

An added bit by Georgia Unity:

It was also not long ago that the human filth Ann Coulter made a few horrifying
remarks about gay people. (Yes, it's a longtime trend for her, and she is such a
wretched train wreck it galls me to mention her name, but the attention-whore
is hurting people with every utterance.)

She has said that she thinks gays should become pro-life because liberals
would start aborting fetuses if a gay gene were discovered.....she tweeted
just last weekend that since the prior Thursday was National Coming Out Day,
the following Monday should be 'National Disown Your (Gay) Son' Day.....
she defended Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy's anti-gay stance.....she
defended Carl Paladino's anti-gay comments and minimized them....on the Joy
Behar show she said she was "sick of gays" and that she though ex-gay therapy
worked.....and once remarked that if her child came out to her, she would tell
him that he was adopted (although she would more likely drown him in the tub
and then dispose of the body.)

The world is full of putrid human beings who don't care and who bask in their
ignorance and apathy. They even get high off of causing other people pain and
upset; they aren't oblivious to it. That's what a sociopath is.

By the by, here's the Notre Dame cartoon mentioned in the Heartstrong post,
along with the original rejected (equally offensive) cartoon, courtesy of

Monday, October 22, 2012


When listening to brain-dead sheep who
wish to perpetrate their misleading and mistaken
views upon my body, I try to keep firmly in mind
just how ludicrous their argument, its basis, its
perceived legitimacy, and its followers are.

Usually, that does the trick.
But if they're persistent bastards, I know
talking sense won't sway them and that I
am more familiar with their own tome than they are,
so what is my recourse?

Walking away might be the prudent option, but the
dramatist in me wants to have that perfect
"Oh, Snap!" moment of potentially 'going viral'

I guess the only thing really to say is "Who the fuck do
you think you are?!?!"





Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

k. d. Lang - "Hush Sweet Lover"

Love whom you wish...
   Think what you will...
Being 'legal' doesn't make it easy...
   Put yourself out there at all costs.

Live it large...Peace and love, kids!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Modern Day Censorship

If you don't call it 'censorship' it doesn't count, right?

It's hard for me to even write these words, the tiny armpit
of Georgia where I live, the closest bit of anything resembling a
'big city' or 'diversity' is over in Alabama. Yes, it's true; the state
of Alabama has more to offer than B.F.E., Georgia.

And yet...

I had been disappointed some time back when I checked
at Barnes and Noble in Dothan, Alabama (a fairly recent addition,
by the way) for an 'LGBT" (Gay and Lesbian Studies) section in
the store. The young lady was very helpful and friendly, and took
me right to the two shelves where their very modest selection
resided (consisting prominently of some cheesy lesbian fiction.)

This past Thursday, however, when I entered the older Books-a-Million
store in search of the same, I was informed they had no such section
(also by a very courteous and helpful individual, but I digress.)

Like the other bookstore, they did have a country mile of various
religious books available, taking up aisle after aisle and overflowing.
Plenty of books which predictably and shamefully condemn homosexuals
(and encourage others to do the same) or prescribe ridiculous faith-based
'cure-alls,' but no intelligent materials on the matter. Zero space.

Oh, both stores have a microscopic selection of gay magazines
available, essentially T & A, covertly stashed behind other magazines,
typically on the unreachable top shelves (I'm 6' with long arms and had
to strain to see and reach them.)

I understand you have to cater to your audience, and we are stuck in
a cultural wasteland where religion is considered history and Americana,
despite reality. Let's not be disingenuous, though; there is a sufficient and
connected LGBT community in the Dothan area, so there is certainly a
market for selling the books. (There is also huge out-of-state traffic through
the area as it is a connecting spot for several major thoroughfares.) The
problem comes in the kow-towing to the desires of the religious ilk who
don't wish there to be a selection made available in the first place.

So much for a free and fair marketplace.
So much for freedom of speech.
So much for being set free from religious abuses.
So much for a modern and culturally unrepressed south.
So much for books and literature being the great equalizer of ideas.

So, the Alabama Books-A-Million has decided not to carry or promote
books dealing positively (or matter-of-factly) with homosexuality.
(it isn't company policy--more likely a local manager's prerogative to
erase diversity and impose their personal opinion on the entire buying
public.) Yet over 5,000 selections of the religious tomes remain,
even though their ritual and superstition is little more than a guide
of torture and terrorism against children, the elderly, the weak,
the mentally ill, women, minorities, and the gullible.

It's still the stone ages and religion sells, ignorance reigns, and we're
all lifting our guns to the tune of "Backwards, backwards!"

(On the plus side, I did meet an engaging and charming young man during
my visit, so it wasn't a complete waste of time!)

Invisibility sends the message to gay and lesbian men and women that
we don't count. That we don't matter. That we don't belong in the area.
That we are alone. That we have no truths or beauty to parlay. None of
which is true.

It's the same message I received in the barren 1970's in the tiny town
of Seffner, Florida, and even in the larger adjacent city of still-developing Tampa,
where there was absolutely no sign of any other homosexual or proof that one
had ever existed. Those long, isolated, frightening days of being aware that
I was alone in a crowd due to our notable absence in all media was further
exacerbated by trips to Waldenbooks and the library only to find even there,
in the repository for society's advancement and culture, zero reflection of what
I was seeking; connection and understanding.

In a bastion of conservatism and fascism, it is certainly still the duty of
book sellers to portray the others parts of the spectrum equally. To limit
and censor is unconscionable.

Having no role models in sight and feeling disastrously unique is a hard way
to live. We have a voice, we have a history, and we definitely have a place
in the world. We belong. Keeping us invisible is not an acceptable answer,
especially in 2012. It's a bad precedent. It's bad business. It's bad citizenry.


Ray Boltz: "God Knows I Tried"

Regulars know I hold little regard for religion as it offers far more harm than help.

In that vein, I realize that due to the insanity of religion, many people of LGBT
origin/makeup have had horrible times coming to terms with their identity.
Here's the song for you.

The slowly appearing text in the 'video' is a bit annoying, but the message of
coming to grips with one's sexuality over many painful years is handled honestly
and aptly, and the further personal message in the type is worth reading.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Simplicity, Personified

Whether it's one moment, one night,
a few months of bliss, or a lifetime,
each man and each woman's body and soul
is theirs to follow and respect as they choose.

Fearlessness in the face of judgment and cruelty
is a noble path.

Following one's feelings is a beautiful thing.

Choosing to live free, rather than in hiding,
is courageous and trying.

'Losing your shit because other people
are living their own lives and not under your
control;' always a dick move, exclusively reserved
for Asshole Supremes.
(Isn't it ironic that with all their talk of love,
they continue to screech and condemn and bluster?
'Jesus' must not grant the peace and calm they claim!)


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preview the new gay sitcom, "The New Normal"

I loved it, but then I'm a huge fan
of Ryan Murphy's insights, dark humor, and sass.

Great cast, tight writing, and a bit more than
expected for a primetime time slot.

(Loved the Leslie Grossman cameo, too! Priceless!)
Check it out for yourself here!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pussy (and Dick) Riot

(Press Release from

I've just learned that in Moscow, Pride marches have just been banned
for 100 years. Anti-gay activists are using the Russian government's
gay gag laws to sue Madonna for $10,000,000 because she spoke up
for the LGBT community. And punk band Pussy Riot has been sentenced
to 2 years in prison for their musical protest - deemed "homosexual

Today, I told President Putin to stop the persecution in Russia and take
action immediately to prevent these kind of things from happening ever

Will you join me?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Lies Beneath: Gore Vidal, 1925-2012

Gore Vidal passed away recently.
It's been a bad time for the entertainment and arts industries
all the way around, considering losses.

But, Vidal had a long, prosperous, and effective life
and career, and that's the best thing you can
say when someone has ceased breath.

If you were not aware, Vidal was a longtime,
preeminent writer, contrarian, essayist,
and (in a fashion,) activist.

His first novel was published in 1946, when
Gore was only 20 years old, and in some capacity
or another he continued to be prominent and
vocal ever since.

His third novel, "The City and the Pillar," was one
that revolutionized the public idea of homosexuality, set off
a firestorm of controversy, and cemented Vidal in
the public mind as two things; a great writer who
did not avoid controversy, and someone who would
never gain public office in his lifetime.

Vidal was one of only a handful, really, of 'openly
gay' writers (given the disproportionately high
number of writers who are gay!) in a time
when writing was still a talent, a calling, an esteemed
profession, a distinguished and noble path.
Back when evidence of one's orientation was
not openly discussed, even in fields such
as theatre, literary circles, and celluloid.

Vidal had a notion of homosexuality that reflected the
times he grew up in, despite his outspokenness
and courage. The one thing I will always recall
is how he articulated the final days of his partner
of 50 years, Howard Austen, in his memoirs
("Point to Point Navigation") where Vidal plainly
states that he kissed Howard on the lips as he lay on
what was to become his deathbed, and this was the first
time he had ever done so.

Fifty years of companionship and love, and even
in the privacy of their home, the two never
gave the most intimate reflection of devotion
or affection.

This man who crusaded, broke barriers, dared to
speak freely, who told mostly-all....and even he
was still a made man, unable to fully embrace his
true self.

This is the nature of what the world does to us;
building cages that we carry around ourselves.

Vidal had a view of homosexuality not as identity,
but based on actions. In ways, I agree with such a fluid,
more easily-promoted view....but I question the
validity of parts of it. It doesn't diminish his impact
to say that this seems a rather disingenuous claim
by someone trying to assert his 'normalcy' a
bit too loudly perhaps. Someone immersed in disconnect.

In the entire world wide web, I could not find one
picture of the two men, partners for some five decades,
together as a couple.
That isn't coincidence.
It's condemnation of a world that has failed to move
forward, and our complicity in those transgressions.


Mitt Gets Worse: Julie Goodridge

This is an incredible group/campaign/website devoted to getting the word
out on the real Mitt Romney, since obviously he can't be trusted to speak
truthfully nor consistently.

Voting is one of the single-most important things we as an oppressed minority
can do to make our feelings known and our voices heard.

Please take a moment to find out what's behind all the glitz and shimmer.



You would think that we
could reach a point
in human evolution
(Is that just a myth?)
where this would be
a rather minor
in the scheme of things.

I don't hold much hope,
but I work for change,


Friday, August 17, 2012

Great LGBT Comedians: Mario Cantone does Vagina Monologues

Warning; Frank and hilarious--Not for the easily-offended!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Make No Mistake...

Make no mistake;
Though it may embolden you to have an
official recognition under the law....

though we may deserve it fully and
have need of legal protections.....

though we might personally desire it and
be happy to receive it.....

Our love is no less valid if we were to never pass
legislation to allow for our marriages.

Many fight for the right to be 'allowed'
to be just like everyone else, as I believe we should....

but the Powers That Be can not legislate--nor
eradicate--the depths of our love or passions.