Thursday, November 11, 2010

Most Excellent Outreach!

Okay, well, this week's episode of GLEE was just beyond spectacular;
one of the best t.v. shows EVAH! (And yes, parts were very unrealistic
and stretched thin; Get over It!)

You can watch the episode from this week, "Never Been Kissed", here on;

This was the bomb! It had everything!

-It was the oh-so-topical 'gay bullying' episode. (I could FEEL myself
drifting through time as the jock pushed Kurt into the lockers. More
importantly, I could feel the impact of no one saying or doing anything
hitting even harder.)
  By the by; this episode is not a stand-alone 'hot topic' story; it's been
building and this character has been going through changes and discomfort
leading up to this.

-It introduced a smoking hot new character (Kurt's potential boyfriend,
who, if nothing else, is a great source of hope and inspiration for Kurt on this
current dark and lonely path--and what's hotter than that?!)
  Now, one point that didn't ring true for me (but which was storyline dictated,
so, no big; an all boys school was the Source of my heartache in the 1980s...
it was hardly heaven from where homophobia did retreat! Of course, this is
20+ years later and I didn't catch whether or not there was a religious affiliation
with the school; I'll assume not.

-The nerd sees a need and fills it, not caving in to the peer pressure of the
(reportedly) cool guy; Artie gets a backbone and some face time!

-A very sad/scary/striking revelation plays out with Kurt's locker room

-'The Beast' gets some more story play, and shows off Dot's acting chops.
I really LOVE her character! The scene with Shuster's 'solution' was a bit
much, but touching nonetheless.

-And of course. great music!

The great part of the story was how wonderfully we were shown how
EVERYONE was feeling the effects of being an outsider in one way or another.
It's so easy to forget that we have more in common than we do differences...
and what a difference that makes.

The impetus of the episode was doing what isn't expected....mixing things up and
looking through a new lens...and it was quite a ride. A+++

(We do need to get some 'Mercedes' and 'Santana' stories rolling, but otherwise,
everyone is getting a nice slice every week--in my book at least!)