Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Few Small Facts

Let's talk some sobering facts to shed light on why a
mobile message board is important, since some people
just plain "don't get it."
("Why do you have to draw attention to yourself?"
"What are you trying to accomplish?"
"Why would you do that to your car?")
Understanding is a good place to start.
Here are some facts from a study, the Massachusetts
2006 Youth Risk Survey.

* Gay and lesbian teenagers (kids struggling with
homosexual attractions) are FOUR TIMES more likely
to attempt suicide than their classmates.

* For every suicide that does take place, there
are an estimated 100-200 ATTEMPTS that take
place. That's 1000s of kids who feel they would rather
be dead than live in this world as a gay person, because
of the grief you deal with in areas like this.

* Kids rejected by their families for being gay were nearly
9 times more likely to attempt suicide, feeling abandoned
and rejected by those supposedly closest.

So what are some solutions, besides basic visibility to
eliminate the notion of being alone?

Kids needing help can call 1-866-4-U-Trevor
or 1-800-SUICIDE for help.

There are also books for parents and kids on
dealing with the feelings;
* Loving Someone Gay (by Don Clark)
* Prayers for Bobby (by Leroy Aarons)
* Always My Child; A Parent's Guide  (by Kevin Jennings)
and many more.

There are support groups like PFLAG (Parents and
Friends of Lesbians & Gays) which are also a safe place
for gay and lesbian or confused youth to go.

There are the awesome "It Gets Better" videos on youtube.

TV Shows like GLEE, movies like "But I'm A Cheerleader"
and others....

The computer is a massive, awesome resource and connection.

If you go to the doctor, you know he's going to give
you medicine, whether you need it or not.

If your soul is hurting, you don't seek solace with a
traditional church where they're going to condemn you
and berate you and demonize you. (There are newer,
more modern, more loving churches out there, though.)

We are human beings with tremendous souls and creativity,
and where the mind and heart have needs, solutions will
present themselves.