Friday, December 21, 2012

My Gift to the Gay-Bashers

Never let it be said that this Daddy isn't a generous
sum-bitch. I have a real need to dole out some
truth, not to mention an extra-special gift for the
homophobes of the world!

It's grown quite tiresome this past year to listen and
watch as homophobes big and small make the most
outlandish of anti-gay remarks, only to issue an
apology days later at the bequest of managers or
P.R. folks or, sometimes-- it seems-- just to piss on us
twice as their insincerity shines through.

Look, if you all must be pricks, just keep it to
yourselves. If you can't, then own it and stop being
pussies. Bigotry, ignorance, and fanatical, oppressive
religious views are nothing new in this country, and we
know what they look and sound like.

Quit being double-assholes by making your
ridiculous, hurtful, self-important proclamations
(or tweets, facebook status updates, commentaries, etc.)
and, then, insulting our intelligence with a half-hearted
compulsory bullshit apology.

The damage you do to the hurting and young
is insurmountable. It isn't cute, and even though the
world treats your nasty remarks as insignificant, they aren't.
If you have something hateful to say, write it down on
a piece of paper, hold it in your teeth, and deposit it
in my 'suggestion box' while you


Monday, December 17, 2012

Rachel Maddow - David Bahati "Kill The Gays" Bill Sponsor - Pt. One

This is important stuff, and Rachel (as always) sums up an intricate and
complicated subject in a simple fashion, making it more easily digested.

The USA-grown homophobia which fueled and supports this bill and others
like it is ever-present as a threat against us.

Just this weekend, James Dobson attempted to make a (ludicrous)
connection between gay rights and the shooting of the children in Newton
on Friday. Dobson Shows Ass, Works Agenda After Tragedy

This is the sickness of what we face, and we owe it to ourselves to be
educated about them, even as they remain ignorant about us.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Shelter" (full movie)

Great film that shows a sweet and sincere real-life relationship blooming
as one man is recuperating from a break-up and another is fighting his
own feelings as he struggles with his sexuality and place in life.

Great insights into family, growing up, coming out, and self-acceptance
in this superb 'smaller' film featuring the (praises!) often-shirtless Brad
Rowe and Trevor Wright!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Hidden, Normal Lives of Gays and Lesbians (Named or otherwise)

It's still a massive scary struggle for many stuck in small towns,
tight-knit families, religious groups, and majorly homophobic
jobs or positions.

Public advancement of rights and attitudes doesn't reflect the
nature of mindsets in cloistered, isolated sub-groups where
little individuality or visibility flourishes.

In these inculcated units of repression and assimilation,
there is still much private suffering. Those who live in a daily grind
without support, those who are questioning and deliberating while
too afraid to seek out like people, and those who are fighting
against their nature and desire,  are all likely to receive an even
higher dose of venom and rhetoric, if not abuse.

The unstable, hateful forces that oppose us (and anyone who is
different) take advantage of the quiet, the unsure, the struggling,
and the conflicted.

Truth is that no matter how visible many of us are nor how much
public strides are made, the vast majority of us will always be
unspoken, unidentified, private, quietly and
unannounced. Unassuming. Wanting sexuality to be only a simple
and minor aspect of the whole. (Or wanting to ignore it all together.)

They are, and have been, and will always be part of us.

They are no less important, nor any less one of us, than the most vocal
activist. And in all our zeal to be confrontational and visible, we cannot
overlook that they will bear the brunt of the ignorant in  retaliation
against us.

They cannot be forgotten.