Friday, March 29, 2013

"Girl You Know It's True...."

If the 'Son of God' were to
make a magical appearance
in these modern times,
you SO know he would be
a left-leaning Marxist
hustled-out Hollywood actor
with a sashay-shante' Fabulous
Gay Glow!

You GO Boy!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Talking To Idiots 101: "Marriage Equality"

Einstein's descendants make their mark. More like a smear.

Well, it's time for another frightening round of 
ignorant questions and thoughtful-educated-answers-

After all, the morons know their 'basis' for discrimination is
ludicrous; you strip it all away and you'll get a rousing, child-like

(Damn me and others like me for boiling it
down to brass tax, dispersing the smoke and mirrors!)

Another Ditto-head heard from, as obviously all of "Yahweh's" laws
are undisputed and held in highest accord!

1: Q: So, why's come you gay guys and lesbians wants to get
married? What's the big deal?

A: Exactly. If it's not a big deal, then
why is it a big deal?

2: Q: This is a slippery slope--Next thing you'll be saying it
should be legal for bigamy and marrying kids.

A: No, it's all about legal adults and legitimate relationships,
consenting folks...not coercion.
Are you aware of how many heterosexuals marry
underage children in the U.S. every year, though?

3: Q: Gay people are trying to make me believe something
that goes against my religion! That's discrimination!

A: Let's first determine that one statement has nothing
to do with the other; it's an illogical train of though,
and moot since both statements are fact.

What's desired is progression, and progress goes according
to societal standards, not simply one group's notion.
Similarly, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are set up
to protect society on whole from the 'tyrrany of the majority.'

If passed, marriage equality will require that people
comply with the law. And already existing laws will hopefully
guarantee that discrimination against us homosexuals
 is prevented as we exercise our freedom to marry.

Things can exist in the world without your giving
explicit approval, or changing your lifestyle.

(Back with more educating of the unwashed
and ignorant soon!)


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is Where You Belong

This blog is for all the young (and middle-aged, and older) men and women
I see who are too scared to approach me in the streets to ask for support
or advice....who are living invisibly amongst the rest.

For the people who can't even fathom mentioning the truth of their bodies
and souls aloud for fear that someone will hear, or that it will make it real.

It's for all the people who feel cursed because small town living is all they
know and all they ever expect to know in their lifetime.

For all the people ruined by crazed religious fanatics who taught hellfire and
hate instead of self-love and acceptance.

It's for all the people who live in places, like the place I live, where people
seem to prefer dead closet cases over living, loving, whole people.

So, for those of you who may never be banner-wavers or pride-marchers
or even openly gay or bi or lesbian-identified.....for those of you who simply
need to know that you are not alone in the world, that you are okay exactly
as you are, and there is nothing wrong with you that in any way needs to be
changed....this blog is for you.

May you know and accept just one iota of how special and perfect you are,
as you learn to reject the untruths and pain dispensed to you by those who
know so very little.

Peace and love, my brothers and sisters...this is the place we can connect;
you are home.

Transparent Scapegoating

For a snippet of the PBS documentary "WikiSecrets"
further explaining why the military and government is hot to
imprison Private Manning, check out

For more info on the case, and to
see the story you won't see on the evening
news about how this hero from our community is
a true American, check out
and sign the petition to help
bring about his release!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

'Limitations' are Illusions

Whoever you are,
Whatever you do....

Wherever you find yourself,
At whatever stage of life....

Loving yourself fully
for who you are...

May be the toughest task you'll ever face.
But it's also the most valuable.

Don't let others' idea of who and what you are
define yours.

Your happiness is your choice,
and your gift to yourself.
Let no one else stand in your way.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Connected" - Short Film

Just a beautiful piece for the simplicity (yet poignancy) of physical and
emotional intimacy! It's not all about sex, nor do feelings die when things
have run their course.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Dear Friend" short film, part 1, 2

A poignant and relatable story of
young friendship turned to love....
even if the participants can't grasp
or admit the implications.

Brilliantly acted and very genuine.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Pay A Lot of Attention to the Men Behind the Curtain

Just to dispense with a pretense that may be held by newly out or
younger people who find themselves pursuing a place in the 'gay
community;' There really is not such a beast in existence.

Sure, there are a couple thousand devoted, hard-working, insightful
folks of all races, age, beliefs who represent all the rainbow of queer
and are looking out for equality for everyone. And then there are
several million noxious, self-serving, addicted, bar-hopping body nazis
who are as shallow as the day is long. The latter's objectives include
being catty and getting their dicks sucked.

I'm aware of the horror stories of growing up gay that produce such
people, but there are times when you have to deal with bottom lines,
and everybody has a sob-story, sister!

Just like in the 'real world,' there are good and bad aspects in everyone,
and frankly because of the damage we suffer in life, our group has more
than its fair share of damaged goods, and not a lot in place to make sure
that those basic needs are being addressed.

There's a lot of division, a lot of factionalism, a lot of marginalization.
A lot of lacking promotion of safe sex, of emotionally-healthy sex, of
mutual respect. The emphasis is on fun and abandon and consumerism
and a market, rather than community-building, shared interests, and
coalition-building. Politics and social reform are an after-thought to many.

The Transport Group Theatre Company does the classic "Boys in the Band"
Pretending it's a perfect party, for the presentation to the outside world,
may seem like a unified show of support, but it keeps the necessary changes
and developments from taking place. Criticism allows for transformation.

And casting the spell of one big happy family just sets the new guys up
for a fall. And let's face it; the new guys' best interests are not at the heart
of most of the selfish agendas I see.



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