Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Talking To Idiots 101: "Marriage Equality"

Einstein's descendants make their mark. More like a smear.

Well, it's time for another frightening round of 
ignorant questions and thoughtful-educated-answers-

After all, the morons know their 'basis' for discrimination is
ludicrous; you strip it all away and you'll get a rousing, child-like

(Damn me and others like me for boiling it
down to brass tax, dispersing the smoke and mirrors!)

Another Ditto-head heard from, as obviously all of "Yahweh's" laws
are undisputed and held in highest accord!

1: Q: So, why's come you gay guys and lesbians wants to get
married? What's the big deal?

A: Exactly. If it's not a big deal, then
why is it a big deal?

2: Q: This is a slippery slope--Next thing you'll be saying it
should be legal for bigamy and marrying kids.

A: No, it's all about legal adults and legitimate relationships,
consenting folks...not coercion.
Are you aware of how many heterosexuals marry
underage children in the U.S. every year, though?

3: Q: Gay people are trying to make me believe something
that goes against my religion! That's discrimination!

A: Let's first determine that one statement has nothing
to do with the other; it's an illogical train of though,
and moot since both statements are fact.

What's desired is progression, and progress goes according
to societal standards, not simply one group's notion.
Similarly, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are set up
to protect society on whole from the 'tyrrany of the majority.'

If passed, marriage equality will require that people
comply with the law. And already existing laws will hopefully
guarantee that discrimination against us homosexuals
 is prevented as we exercise our freedom to marry.

Things can exist in the world without your giving
explicit approval, or changing your lifestyle.

(Back with more educating of the unwashed
and ignorant soon!)


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