Saturday, June 30, 2012

"The License" takes on Anti-Gay Marriage Opponents

A really hilarious piece from always-funny Keith Hartman and crew regarding
the nonsensical hypocrisy and bias of legally regulating gay marriage based on
the teachings of the Judeo-Christian Bible. (And somehow, it's only 4 minutes
long, when there's more than 4 hours of lampooning to be done at expense of
fundamentalists with no knowledge of their own documents and no understanding
of 'separation of church and state!' ) Enjoy!

(And be sure and order the full length movie "You Should Meet My Son!"
from Itunes or Amazon!)


Friday, June 29, 2012

Queen - "I Want To Break Free"

Flashback, Fabulous Friday. Remember where we come from.

This is your anthem...believe in it, belt it, become it!

Have a beautiful and safe weekend; don't let anyone else's words or thoughts--
including your own--make you less than you are.

Be your best, and don't tolerate less from those around you. Peace.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pay It Forward

Remember our history...
remember that we keep nothing without
fighting for it.

Who will you be today?
A pass-over, lay-down, ignore-it-all...
or a Fight-Back, Stand-Up, Speak-Out sort?

The right to live freely is the most fundamental in all
the world, and we cannot believe for one single
moment that we are any less deserving than anyone else
on the planet.

This is our world, our country, our government, too.
We have a right to our lives and freedom.

But always remember that freedom isn't free;
everything carries a price tag.

What is yours?

June 28, 1969
The Stonewall Riots
The Day We Chose to Say "No More"

Find out about your history!



You Don't Have to Like It, To Know It

(An HIV-infected blood cell)

HIV is not a myth.

It is not a status symbol, nor romantic.

It is not relegated to the past.

It is not easily-combatted simply because
many more are winning the fight against death.

It is not a desired lifestyle change, nor
something to be casually ignorant of.

You are not 'fierce' as a result of disregarding
your safety, or that of others.
It isn't bad-ass or hardcore or proclaiming
your Super-Gay rebelliousness and sexuality
to risk livelihood and life.

If you choose to have sex,
be judicious with partner choice.
Respect yourself and protect yourself,
any time, every time.

It only takes once to become infected.
Keep watch over your public drinking and drug use,
and be smart with your associates and choices.

The disease has not gone anywhere;
it is still alive and well...more formidable than ever.

If you've been infected, you can still keep
from getting sick or contracting additional
strands. Take responsibility for yourself.
Prevent re-infection, prevent spread, and
get the help you need.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LGBT themed movies...& More!

If you haven't already scoped it out,
please check the link
to my predominantly LGBT-themed movie
and TV review site,
Girl Is On Fire at
Lots of good stuff, and
as always, feel free to leave
feedback or suggestions!!

Thanks, family...


"Lies and Lunacy" - (Battling) The religious and conservative on homosexuality

Here's a good feed of multiple humorous and serious commentary in response
to the outbreak of Cray-Cray in the media in recent months!

(When the first one is over, the next in Que will automatically play). I find it
heartening to see all the good work being done around the globe by some
very talented, very spirited ladies and fellows, in promoting common sense
and decency!

Stand Up, Speak Out, Live Free!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Prayers for Bobby", Full Movie

Here's the entire movie (adapted from the book, "Prayers for Bobby: 
A Mother's Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son" by
LeRoy Aarons.)

It's a difficult read (and view,) but especially great for a person of faith who
is a friend or family member of an LBGTQ person and possibly facing issues
regarding bias and discrimination that they grew up with in the church.
This story definitely puts the whole thing into perspective.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot New Flick: "PARIAH"

If you're not already aware of it, run out and rent "Pariah," an unbelievable
piece of cinema with outrageously good performances by all involved.

This is a movie about discovery of self set in a stark, urban backdrop
where secrecy and being low-key are as crucial to survival as how strong
you are.

I loved this film because it's an unflinching, honest story that showcases
characters we don't normally see on the Hollywood landscape.

It has gotten a lot of mentions as being 'similar' to "Precious" and I agree
(it's not like that's a bad thing to say about a film!)

This is a smaller budget, smaller scope film, very intimate and deep, filled
with raw's an inner city setting with a school-aged young
black girl who's seeking to find herself and become strong....she is
experimenting with her sexuality and identity to get it right.....the family life
is abhorrant....a very talented unknown is the lead (Adepero Oduye) and
a powerhouse breakthrough performance for an actress formerly only
known for comedy roles (Kim Wayans.)

It is by an up-and-coming filmmaker (Dee Rees, also the writer,), and was
adpated from another work (This time the director's prior short of the same name.)
The work involves a dynamite ensemble, including Aasha Davis, Charles
Parnell, and Pernell Walker in incredibly gripping and transformative roles.)
So yeah...a couple of cojmparisons worth making..nothing wrong with that!

This film is a must-see for any LGBT person or supporter, as it highlights
a segment of our society that is very different from what we normally see in
the bright lights and big smiles of Tinsel Town gays and lesbians, especially
white ones.

Here's what's awesome, too; it's definitely available on netflix, but I got mine
right at the Blockbuster Express rental kiosk in small-town Georgia, which means
for folks with whom privacy is an issue, they still have access to this great film.
(I also noticed it was at a Red Box in the next town over, which in and of
itself is just a great achievement!)

If you're looking for a worthy cinema experience for the weekend, look
this one up and be amazed!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Tea Party: More Trouble Brewing

"It's all just a little bit of history repeating."

The following is an excerpt from an article entitled "It's Their Party:
How the Tea Party Sustains the Anti-LGBT Right" by Pam Chamberlain.

Article published by Political Research Associates' "The Public Eye" magazine.
(link follows excerpt)

The more things change....

Remember; bigots won't stop hating just because laws exist and social
view change on whole; they find more insidious means of practicing their
discriminatory nature, and they find ways to institutionalize bias..without
labeling it such.

Awareness is such a wonderful thing.


The Christian Right, including both the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy and
conservative evangelical Protestants, has been the driving force in opposing
LGBT rights in the U.S. An effective infrastructure of grassroots organizations,
charismatic leaders, media networks, and consistent funding provided the scaf-
folding for this Christian constituency to join with other burgeoning social move-
ments in a powerful political force.

The rise of the Tea Party has reinforced the visibility and ultimately the electoral
focus of the Christian Right. While initially galvanized around issues such as lower
taxes, smaller government and national security concerns, about half of the Tea
Party identifies with the Christian Right. This overlap has helped reinforce a
political “litmus test” for candidates on so-called social issues like abortion,
sexuality education, and the place of religion in public life. Right-wing strategists,
and the candidates who follow their counsel, have targeted various groups such
as immigrants, African-Americans, and Muslims as opportunities arose.

The ideas that LGBT and homosexuality are threats to society were constructed
as part of its overall strategy to mobilize support based on scapegoating and
fear.[v] Ample historic precedence exists for blaming immigrant communities
of color for economic and social problems. LGBT people have been singled
out both because they are easy targets based on fear of the “other” and that
they represent departure from the idealized sexual norm.[vi] "

Full Article Here


Thanks to  PFLAG Tallahassee,  Welcoming Resources and More Light Presbyterians


Thursday, June 14, 2012


My greatest allegiance
is to myself.

Trying to please others
is a losing proposition.

Once you start accommodating
and allowing and placating,
the demand to do do
never stops.

A strong, secure, centered
person is a value unto
no approval is required
or desired.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Out of the Frying Pan....

Coming out may end up being the easiest part!
Learning to release from the bonds and demands of a society
that rewards compliance (and assaults individuality or difference
of any sort) takes much courage.

Generally, growing and maturing requires escaping the clutches
of the regimented and puritanical smaller towns (resistant to change
and exploration, filled with overly possessive and controlling families.)

And yet we can find ourselves--those of us escaping repressiveness
and depression and leading into an adult world where we are free
to discover our true selves--becoming heady from our new freedom.
But not all is well in Camelot! 
Is there any difference between one brand of conformity and another?
Finding acceptance and developing an ability to freely and safely
express one's inner self is very exciting, and adding to that experience
of--at long last--a sense of belonging and acceptance, when we add
the thrill of another's touch, a deep and intimate kiss, the release of
years of repressed sexuality...well, we can find ourselves not quite in
possession of our faculties any longer.

We may even be reluctant to admit (defensive, perhaps) that there are
caveats demanding new loyalties and concessions from our new comrades.
Things we miss seeing at first, in our euphoria, or perhaps are willing to
overlook due to our desire to finally be included.

The gay 'subculture' (at least on a social level) has an expected
accommodation of partying excesses, substance abuse, bitchiness,
gossiping, ageism, sexism, body worship and other nihilistic self-defeating
outrageous behaviors, including a disregard for safe-sex practices.
Straights aren't the only ones bullying us;
often we are cruelest to our own.
So enthralled by being a part of something--seeing an aspect of our-
selves reflected back at us, instead of hiding our real self--being free of's very intoxicating!

We might accommodate this new life by emulating those we have grafted
onto; become a body Nazi, drift into more experimental or aggressive drugs,
and other self-hating activities that pass for gay culture.

Like all oppressed people that find a measure of freedom, gay men 
have a deep need to feel superior once they finally find their voice. And
the best means of feeling 'superior' is to be merciless cutting down others.

Toned bodies and tans aren't the most important
thing about our fellow queers; expand your interests.

Guard yourself carefully. Try to refrain from jumping from one prison
to another. Realize that you can always make a change in your friends
and surroundings. This pressure to assimilate pervades every clique and
subculture; it isn't particular to the gay community. Just because your first
foray doesn't meet your expectations doesn't mean future ones won't.

Being yourself is really the only game in town, no matter who it is that's
expecting you to change to be part of their pack.


Blackboard Jungle, Revisited

Removing homophobia from the classroom
couldn't be a simpler concept;
implementing it has turned into
quite the quagmire, however.

As church and state must be separated,
so too must religious intolerance
be completely removed from the classroom.

And bias based on religious-teachings is just that;
immoral, inappropriare, illegal abuse.

Schools which are private and/or
religion-based institutions should not
be exempt from these standards.

If a school of any type takes subsidies,
state funding, government grants, or
receives tax-exempt status, they have
an obligation to leave bias out of their teachings
and policies. Otherwise, they are using
federal and other government monies to
promote hate speech and a second-class

As stewards for future generations,
those schools owe their students a
safe and welcoming place to be themselves.

A child being young enough and
'powerless' enough in the eyes of the law
should not be grounds for dismissing their needs.







Saturday, June 9, 2012


We spend so much time seeking to stop other
people's assault on our humanity because
of their limited scope and definition of us,
it is easy to get caught up in pigeon-
holing and limiting our lives.

Just a reminder.

Be whole.
Be happy.
Be you.

(Check out "Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook"
and "Georgia Unity" on facebook today!)


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Spark

"...But isn't that because we all feel so important and have no idea
what to do? We need someone to direct us and reassure us this is
possible. And I don't think I'm that person. I may have been a
catalyst for rebellion, but a leader should be someone with convic-
tion, and I'm barely a convert myself. Someone with unflinching
courage, and I'm still working hard at even finding mine. Someone
with clear and persuasive words, and I'm so easily tongue-tied."

-Katniss Everdeen, in "Catching Fire," second book in the
 Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins


I thought this was an especially inspirational passage, showcasing
how even those in the most demanding of positions can find them-
selves questioning, struggling, doubting.

Going against the grain...standing up to The Powers That Be....
taking a stand for what's right...these take tremendous resolve and
courage, and it's a constant choice. It isn't some naturally fearless
drive that overrides all obstacles instantly.

It's work...hard work.  And like anything worth doing, there are
prices to be paid.

Hell, just living our lives as gay men and lesbian a
transitioning transgendered man or a young person
questioning or an older person hiding...we have a fight every day
of our lives. With losses, discrimination, fears, being alone in a

It takes a warrior to live life, period. It takes an exceptional
warrior to fight for life as a person with LGBTQ affiliations.
Recognize that feeling defeated can be a part of the journey,
but feeling it is not a sign of weakness--merely humanity. We
just don't give in.

We have to handle so much more than others; let's recognize
the strength it has taken to get this far, and know that we are
strong enough to continue, come what may.



Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big Gay '80s Flashback Fridays: Tears for Fears

Yes, dears, I am--believe it or not--aware that it isn't Friday!
I'm not that far gone...yet!

But in my defense, the damned holiday screwed me up, and it felt like

today was Friday! (Hey, that's gotta count for something, right?
Or is it just a 'blonde' moment?)
("Yes, occifer, I know it was 90 mph, but it felt like 55. We're good, right?")

Anyway, hope your weekends are a smashing success, and here's a
little flashback kick-off to some superior times in music, when queer
visibility was a big deal, and these guys made a big difference. Peace.