Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot New Flick: "PARIAH"

If you're not already aware of it, run out and rent "Pariah," an unbelievable
piece of cinema with outrageously good performances by all involved.

This is a movie about discovery of self set in a stark, urban backdrop
where secrecy and being low-key are as crucial to survival as how strong
you are.

I loved this film because it's an unflinching, honest story that showcases
characters we don't normally see on the Hollywood landscape.

It has gotten a lot of mentions as being 'similar' to "Precious" and I agree
(it's not like that's a bad thing to say about a film!)

This is a smaller budget, smaller scope film, very intimate and deep, filled
with raw's an inner city setting with a school-aged young
black girl who's seeking to find herself and become strong....she is
experimenting with her sexuality and identity to get it right.....the family life
is abhorrant....a very talented unknown is the lead (Adepero Oduye) and
a powerhouse breakthrough performance for an actress formerly only
known for comedy roles (Kim Wayans.)

It is by an up-and-coming filmmaker (Dee Rees, also the writer,), and was
adpated from another work (This time the director's prior short of the same name.)
The work involves a dynamite ensemble, including Aasha Davis, Charles
Parnell, and Pernell Walker in incredibly gripping and transformative roles.)
So yeah...a couple of cojmparisons worth making..nothing wrong with that!

This film is a must-see for any LGBT person or supporter, as it highlights
a segment of our society that is very different from what we normally see in
the bright lights and big smiles of Tinsel Town gays and lesbians, especially
white ones.

Here's what's awesome, too; it's definitely available on netflix, but I got mine
right at the Blockbuster Express rental kiosk in small-town Georgia, which means
for folks with whom privacy is an issue, they still have access to this great film.
(I also noticed it was at a Red Box in the next town over, which in and of
itself is just a great achievement!)

If you're looking for a worthy cinema experience for the weekend, look
this one up and be amazed!


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