Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blackboard Jungle, Revisited

Removing homophobia from the classroom
couldn't be a simpler concept;
implementing it has turned into
quite the quagmire, however.

As church and state must be separated,
so too must religious intolerance
be completely removed from the classroom.

And bias based on religious-teachings is just that;
immoral, inappropriare, illegal abuse.

Schools which are private and/or
religion-based institutions should not
be exempt from these standards.

If a school of any type takes subsidies,
state funding, government grants, or
receives tax-exempt status, they have
an obligation to leave bias out of their teachings
and policies. Otherwise, they are using
federal and other government monies to
promote hate speech and a second-class

As stewards for future generations,
those schools owe their students a
safe and welcoming place to be themselves.

A child being young enough and
'powerless' enough in the eyes of the law
should not be grounds for dismissing their needs.







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