Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Don't Have to Like It, To Know It

(An HIV-infected blood cell)

HIV is not a myth.

It is not a status symbol, nor romantic.

It is not relegated to the past.

It is not easily-combatted simply because
many more are winning the fight against death.

It is not a desired lifestyle change, nor
something to be casually ignorant of.

You are not 'fierce' as a result of disregarding
your safety, or that of others.
It isn't bad-ass or hardcore or proclaiming
your Super-Gay rebelliousness and sexuality
to risk livelihood and life.

If you choose to have sex,
be judicious with partner choice.
Respect yourself and protect yourself,
any time, every time.

It only takes once to become infected.
Keep watch over your public drinking and drug use,
and be smart with your associates and choices.

The disease has not gone anywhere;
it is still alive and well...more formidable than ever.

If you've been infected, you can still keep
from getting sick or contracting additional
strands. Take responsibility for yourself.
Prevent re-infection, prevent spread, and
get the help you need.


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