Friday, April 19, 2013

And if you can't abide,
step yo' ass aside!

-Georgia Unity

Monday, April 8, 2013

You may not be a gym bunny,
you may not be flush with cash,
you may not feel fabulous day and night...
(that last one I can pretty much guarantee!)

You may have emotional hiccups
and unfounded doubts, embarrassing wardrobe
malfunctions, crews that desert you at the last minute,
and a complete lack of confidence.

But whatever you do, however you feel,
whoever you are, and whatever your desire:

for all to see.

Regardless of 'success' or 'failure,'
being true to oneself is the only way to live!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Boy Scouts: I've Got More Honor, Pride, and Morality in My Little Finger

Ummm...'Not gay'?!?!
 The Boy Scouts: I've Got More Honor, Pride, and Morality in
My Little Finger....(and I know a lot of Scouts, Scout Masters,
and Fathers of Scouts who would enjoy feeling the joys of that
digit strategically placed!)

**********Not Your Daddy's Gay Pride**********
I think the new nickname for the Boy Scouts of America should
change from "Scouts" to "B.S.," because that's just what they're
full of.

And I'm sick to death of all these prissy, pissy apologists talking
shit about "Well, the Scouts have a lot of great stuff to offer kids,
so one issue isn't worth getting upset over!" Really, Uncle Tom

Treating an entire (huge) group of people (do you know how
disproportionately high the number of scouts that are gay is!?!?)
as second class citizens, instilling in them the notion that hiding
who they are and suppressing their true self is the way to get
treated well and included, and spreading/enhancing myths
that create a divide in gay and lesbian people's lives...making
them feel unloved, unwanted, unimportant.

Gay depression, dysfunction, and suicidology doesn't just
whip itself up in a vacuum; it is produced through constant
alienation and abuse. To have an organization with the history,
the pull, and the austerity of the Boy Scouts take a formal
position on homosexuals--of all ages--and flatly tell them;
-You do not belong here
-We do not want you here
-You are separate from us
-We don't believe that you're capable of the virtues we say we represent

Forget the blatant hypocrisy and contradictory nature of being a club designed to help foster better, more moral, honorable,
upstanding citizens; it's a continuation of misinformation and bias.

What a great basis for good solid, all-American values (well, the
real and shattered America, yes, but not the fake wonderful
American ideal we all pretend exists.)

See, the tacit understanding is that homosexuals have some-
thing wrong with them; that we are wrong. That we are sexually
unbound demons who can't be trusted either around those our
own age or those in our care. It's more of this ignorant,
prejudicial, gay-panic bullshit that I think is mostly pretended
for the sake of denying us access to places, not because
people are still ignorant enough to actually link homosexuality
with pedophilia (which has been proven time and again to be
invalid, ) but because they're uncomfortable with their own sexuality.

No, the Boy Scouts caved to pressure from the Reich once more, for if they were questioning lifting the ban then they
had reason to doubt that it is either Constitutional or moral.
So much for being judged on the merit of individual character.

Ascribing a character trait to an entire group of people is
beyond unseemly, and it certainly does undermine 'all the
other good' that the Scouts may do. Because as long as
some of us are unequal, baby...all of us are unequal.