Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Hidden, Normal Lives of Gays and Lesbians (Named or otherwise)

It's still a massive scary struggle for many stuck in small towns,
tight-knit families, religious groups, and majorly homophobic
jobs or positions.

Public advancement of rights and attitudes doesn't reflect the
nature of mindsets in cloistered, isolated sub-groups where
little individuality or visibility flourishes.

In these inculcated units of repression and assimilation,
there is still much private suffering. Those who live in a daily grind
without support, those who are questioning and deliberating while
too afraid to seek out like people, and those who are fighting
against their nature and desire,  are all likely to receive an even
higher dose of venom and rhetoric, if not abuse.

The unstable, hateful forces that oppose us (and anyone who is
different) take advantage of the quiet, the unsure, the struggling,
and the conflicted.

Truth is that no matter how visible many of us are nor how much
public strides are made, the vast majority of us will always be
unspoken, unidentified, private, quietly and
unannounced. Unassuming. Wanting sexuality to be only a simple
and minor aspect of the whole. (Or wanting to ignore it all together.)

They are, and have been, and will always be part of us.

They are no less important, nor any less one of us, than the most vocal
activist. And in all our zeal to be confrontational and visible, we cannot
overlook that they will bear the brunt of the ignorant in  retaliation
against us.

They cannot be forgotten.


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