Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"If It Was a Snake, It Would'a Bit Ya!"

Well, actually, I think it's obviously two, great big
GIANT snakes, but the lure of the Mighty Whitey,
some fake-ass smiles, and the almighty dollar have
a little more draw than common sense, these days.

Anyway, it couldn't be more obvious than if
Romney and Ryan put out ads where they
called us 'fags' and 'dykes' and then proceeded
to calmly ask us to 'Vote for them anyway!'

I personally am tired of a country that wants
to minimalize me and my feelings, to sweep
under the rug all the violence and bullying and
inappropriate treatment we receive, and to
expect us to expect second-class citizenry.

Things won't change unless we change them.
Any disappointment you have with Obama's
hesitancy and timetables will be exponentially
exacerbated by the aggressive assault Mitt
Romney and company will put forth against
us on behalf of his misguided 'religious' views.

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