Friday, July 9, 2010

You can bleed and die for us...

"You can bleed and die for us....just don't expect those freedoms
you're fighting and sacrificing for to extend to your worthless
faggot ass."

No, the DOJ didn't actually finally release the above statement
about the thousands of gay and lesbian service members serving in
our military, but they might as well have.

The much-touted "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT) surveys were sent
out, and the questions included have hit the Internet. Every one of
them stilted and accusatory, making it sound worse than the right-wing
propaganda that has been behind this anti-gay push all along.

Not to mention, it's likely really a ploy to IDENTIFY gay/lesbian
members--and those sympathetic to them--so that when this archaic
shit remains in effect, our ignorant ass government can do a new house
cleaning. Yeah, help our military; get rid of the brighter, more effective

It's all calamity-filled and hysterics like sharing a bathroom with a gay
guy will make the rest of the platoon resign or go AWOL. And it
even goes beyond the scope of DADT, thereby muddying the waters
and further invalidating the waters, by asking its questions in relation to
'perceived' gay and lesbian service members.

This shit reads like a bad sleepover with a bunch of little girls.
"So, like, if Bobby J. showed up, and you were already with
Joe, but you liked Bobby better...what would you dooooo!?!"

I really am laughing about the inanity of our military forces being
run by a bunch of numb-nut pencil pushers who think that ridding
the military of queers is their top fucking priority.

It's equally a laugh riot that so many 'non-traditional' families get
no support or recognition while their same-sex partner is risking
their life for a nation that fears and hates them.

Or that people have lost their careers, their pensions, their dignity
because of this back-woods hillbilly lame-ass policy being touted
as necessary in the 'most free country in the world' in 2010.

I get cramps from laughing so hard about all the dead gays and
lesbians who were not honored as full people, but were disrespected
by their country and the division they devoted themselves to.

What a world.

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