Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I Have To Say

(taken from the Heartstrong newsletter)

The video above is from a student who was bullied by a teacher and others in his high school in Palm Coast, FL We are grateful for his courage to stand up for himself and for those in his school who are not able to stand for themselves.

Youth Empowerment Project picks up speed.
Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is a multi-year project of HeartStrong which will provide digital educator's guides to every school counselor in the US at public, private and religious educational institutions. YEP also provides free resources and outreach materials to GSA's and other groups. It is a mammoth project several years in the making.

We are continually asked how YEP is funded. While we have attempted to gain some grant money for this project the bulk of the funding will come from individuals making donations.
Since the majority of YEP is done electronically using email, etc., it is a very cost effective program. However the overall cost of YEP including the resource materials for GSA's and others is at about $50,000 for the entire project. This is above and beyond the funding needed for the other work for HeartStrong.

We are using every means possible to to as much as we can with what we are given.

Individuals and groups wishing to donate to help YEP reach school counselors and youth can donate by clicking here. Donations are tax deductible.

Donate here to help HeartStrong do this work.

Keep up to date with YEP by joining us on Facebook and on twitter @HeartStrongYEP

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