Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Devil in God's Clothing

So I live far out and have a hell of a time with
radio reception at my place. Consequently, sometimes
I get a station I wouldn't ordinarily listen to, like a
Fox News subscriber network.

Yesterday was just such a day, and I was subjected
to a ludicrous "Focus on the Family" 'news' update.

They had a piece about how the gay and lesbian service
members (and veterans) are looking to use momentum
from the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to overturn

And how even though the country is firmly against this,
those poor lawmakers are being railroaded by those
fanatical gays.

And how we Queers are looking to get hold of the
government's money by getting all these benefits and
special rights.

And how this 'Agenda' is going to be forced down
the country's throat in an effort to legitimize homosexuality.

And then, they did the unthinkable, even for them.
(Although really it's an old ploy for these lying bastards.)
They immediately followed that story with a story about
child molesters using the Village Voice classified ads section
to promote child sex trade.

That's all it takes; just to connect the images of the two things
(which are completely unrelated) in the minds of the scared
and reactionary American public. These saps who believe that
Fox is fair and balanced, and think 'Focus on the Family' is
credible and well-minded.

I don't have a problem with people having an opinion, and
certainly not with expressing it as opinion. But when these
yahoos use lies and misinformation and scare tactics to create
an atmosphere of distrust and hatred, that's war.

And anything goes in war.

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