Monday, November 14, 2011

Remembering artist & activist Keith Haring

Since it seems so much of the LGBT history is not known
in this younger, more self-sufficient age, I thought looking
back on our shared past and some of our greats
would be a good means of introduction.

Haring was a young gay man who used art to reach
audiences in everyday settings. He was interested in
education, creating unity, and eliminating the divide
between classes (and overcoming people's aversion to art.)

Finding new avenues for expression and utilizing
simple but bold designs, color, and imagery was
enticing and approachable. His interests included
fighting Apartheid, AIDS, and the crack epidemic.

From humble beginnings (subway chalk drawings,
graffiti art, mixed media) he grew a worldwide empire
based in social consciousness in a time when being
openly gay was still anathema and conservatism
was in swing.

Haring only lived to be 31, but his influence
and impact were tremendous. (He inspires and influences
me personally to this day!) His art is still
used as the icon for the annual
"National Coming Out Day" celebration,
among many other events.


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