Thursday, December 15, 2011

Egregious Offense

"But...but I'm a victim too! I can't be a bully!"

There's a trend in media of late to make those who have done wrong
take responsibility for their errors of form or judgment by
speaking on behalf of the offended party.
Yes, having the abusers counsel the abused child.

Pictured above is Isaiah Washington, former
star of 'Grey's Anatomy.' Now, some feel he got too
severe a hit for his outrageous on-set behavior and verbal
assault of gay co-star T.R. Knight.
There was a lot more to it than that.

First of all, in this particular instance, Washington was
well known as an equal opportunity asshole on set, frustrating
and offending most everyone. He had a history of violence
with coworkers. He denied he made the homophobic remark to
Knight after it happened the first time, and then there was a second

My issue, though, is thus; Washington was urged to make a
public apology (which clearly was not his choice.) Then he
was urged (for public relations purposes) to be in a PSA
(public service announcement) in favor of gay rights
and against defamation.

I don't want to see people who are playing a role
and using the parade float of current pro-gay support
(in Hollywood circles, at least) to advance themselves.
To get up and take lightly the real injustice and offense of
loaded anti-gay words is a double slap in the face.

But having offenders 'reach out' or perform public service
to those they have hurt seems the new trend, and it's a bad one.

I would rather have ten people come out and use Washington,
or Mel Gibson, or Ann Coulter, or Bill O'Reilly, or any other
knuckle-dragging scumbag as an example of what NOT to do,
chastise them for it, and promote the right thing to do.

I would rather run a campaign of "Who's Out Now" or
"Famous Gays in History" (do you know how many everyday people
don't know that Wilde, Liberace, or even Rock Hudson were
gay?) I'd rather see people who are truly enlightened doing
education. There are people in the hip-hop community, in
the rap community, amongst black athletes, and even black actors
who are pro gay. Get them. Because homophobia and contempt
 is an especially large problem still in the black and Latino

But I don't want reluctant participation for public relations.
It's the equivalent of having rapists counsel their victims.
The wounds are too deep, too recent, and too susceptible to]
reinjury. Let the ignorant be ignorant.
I like to know who people really are.
An insincere gesture is a hollow one indeed.


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