Monday, February 27, 2012

Perspective is a Frighteningly Lovely Asset

fear is not meant as deterrent;
fear is the challenge...the jumping on point.

fear is the invitation to clean house.
It is the opportunity to access courage.
Because courage isn't learned, so much
as it is allowed to be. It's always in us,
waiting for a chance to burst forth.

There are lots of myths on this mud ball.
Myths like 'fear keeps you from doing
what you want.'
(Not true; Fear tricks us and lies, under-
mines, tainting us with doubt and worry.
It is not real, even  when we cling to it.)

Myths like 'fear is inherent and cannot be
(Not true: Fear is taught and beaten in.
It is a mindset, an imposed frailty.)

Myths like 'fear is absolute and imposing.'
(Not true; many great things have been
accomplished with fear running shotgun,
but not in control.)

Or how about 'fear is evident when felt.'
(Not true: I am astonished at how people
praise my fearlessness--from the outside
looking in--when nothing could be further
from the truth. I follow the adage; "Feel
the fear, and do it anyway.")

fear is an emotion; a trick of the light.
We each decide what to do with it.
In those moments, courage is tapped.

Next time fear calls, puffing itself up in
a telemarketing campaign of distress and
despair, just clear your throat and state
clearly and emphatically:
"No, bitch, the scared little girl doesn't

live here anymore! Stop calling!"
and then hang up on its sorry ass.


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