Saturday, August 4, 2012

Change of Heart

 Overcoming the mountain of self-doubt taught to us
(and constantly-leveled at us in ways subtle and overt)
isn't accomplished by a few carefully-penned anthems
or a few days of righteous indignation on federal steps,
displaying our courage.

Those things are necessary, but overcoming the obstacles
involved in living your life openly is a gargantuan effort
of mobilizing spirit, questioning motives, staying on task,
being a cheerleader for self and your fellows, promoting
your own agenda, and not taking any more shit.

It's done in private, every day, as we prepare for and face
the world at large. We have to be relentless in building
ourselves up, ever in preparation for the forces that wish
to wear us down.

Self-love is the highest form, and the most important,
necessary mission. The only job we have is to learn
to live fully a life of evolving and surviving this hostile
world. (Don't let the veil of 'civilization' fool you!)

This modern, seemingly-sanitized world is more brutal than
the jungle. It's survival of the fittest, and if you aren't as
fit it simply means it's time to toughen up and get ready.

We must always be countering the dark spell of those we
encounter. The antidote? Absolute faith in self. And becoming
desensitized to homophobia on a personal level. (Recognize
that it's a lie, and actively condemn bias and intolerance for
the unacceptable mess it is; you don't have to buy into second
class citizenship any more!)

And its ongoing progression; not a simple decision.
A lifetime of proactive, decisive rededicating.

Open up to a gentle, guiding hand--Not someone who wants
to mash you and grind you into malleable paste. People who
want to crush your soul and spirit and heart and dreams in
order to make themselves feel better are not out for your
best interests. It's time for you to do it for yourself.


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