Monday, December 7, 2009

Bi The Way for more info. This is a great new documentary on new views regarding bisexuality.

Check it out on LOGO channel...see your provider for air times.

Personally, I believe in the Kinsey Scale rating system; I feel all people are naturally sexually expressive in a number of ways from one extreme ('pure' heterosexuality) of the scale to the other ('pure' homosexuality.) If we didn't have societal pressures and government restrictions on how we live, sexual expression in this country would be much different.

The early role assignments and shame that parents--and, Goddess forbid, THE CHURCH--impose create a stricture that takes a lifetime to undo. If people were allowed to develop naturally and without having their genuine feelings suppressed and degraded, who knows what kind of happiness we might experience?

However, in the world we live in, people are expected to label themselves and be pigeon-holed for the convenience of others' interpretation and assessment. I would much prefer to just be "a guy." But as long as there is ignorance and oppression around the reality of "who happens to be attracted to other guys," I have a war to wage. (There are plenty of guys and gals who live in fear and forced regret for the emotions they feel. Without a visible counter stance, the rigidity of the Oral Minority and those who 'know Jesus in name only' will continue to ruin lives.)

I'm positive that the number of men who romantically love other men, even if only once in a lifetime, is an astronomical digit. But men are scared to admit this reality even to themselves, much less the object of their affection or another person. This continues the illusion that the number of men attracted to men is a small minority, and makes afraid men's fears seem justified.

After all, we live in a world where people will fire you, abuse you, disown you, excommunicate you, and refuse you in every way in accordance with their wayward beliefs about how YOU 'should be' expressing your sexuality. That's a lot to go up against.

If the true number of men who sneak around anonymously for gay sex (HINT: It isn't just black guys!) and the number of guys who have had an experience in their past were unveiled, it would be mind-boggling. That doesn't even consider the men who have desired the contact but been petrified to make a move.

I've known many men who live as gay for a while but eventually resign to getting married and going with the flow. Going against the established 'norm' just becomes too much to handle for them. Again; the rigid assumption that you have to "Pick a Category" and stick with it for life makes many people choose the safe bet.

Any way, see the documentary; it addresses a lot of these issues. Not trying to ignore women with my rant, but when you see the film you'll see what we've known all along regarding the double standard revolving around women's sexual diversity. Women tend to be more free to explore their 'bi' side or their homosexuality, only because society tends to disregard their choices as ineffectual. (And the beat goes on. )