Monday, November 30, 2009

"Good Morning, PART OF America!"

You go update your shit, Americans-with-Head-Up-Your-Ass Syndrome.
Yes, more bitching about the double-standard filled bullshit of Good Morning America's
ridiculous puritanical retarded-ass stance!
After Adam Lambert performed on a prime-time AMA show with what was labeled 'inappropriate' behavior by Oral Minority twats, Good Morning America reneged on Lambert's invite to perform live on their show.
Because of the time slot?
Because they have no time delay?
Because somebody complained?
Because they think he isn't professional and can't follow restrictions?
Because they avoid all controversial guests?
Naw. Because they're cowardly, pandering, dullards...and because they're FULL OF SHIT!
The show has featured plenty of topics that were not 'suitable' for young viewers.
They have had performers who normally do very suggestive performances.
They sucked George Bush's dick on national television for 8 damned years while the nation dove into the toilet, and they supported a war that killed thousands.
But two men kissing--on another program--poses a conflict?

Get real.
And the entire bogus controversy is indicative of exactly the problem that Lambert was attempting to side-swipe. A pervasive and troubling double-standard.
Female stars have dry-humped and done completely nasty stuff on stage at awards shows for years. Women can kiss each other. Male rock stars can hump and grab crotch and gyrate--so long as they are perceived or promoted as lady-killers and thereby considered appropriately heterosexual.
But a gay man doing the same routine automatically gets labeled inappropriate and obscene. Get over it already. As Sasha Cohen brilliantly displayed in BRUNO, this country goes nuts with glee for violence, but loses their mind with fear and hate when it comes to intimacy between two men.
High time for a cool change, baby.

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