Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lack of Choices for GLBT Matters in Kentucky

Well, it's a good thing Kentucky's abbreviation is KY, cuz they're
gonna be needing some lubrication come November, either damned
way you go!

Ron Paul's crazy-ass bedbug son is a nut job to the highest degree,
but that's hardly surprising. Let's look at the evidence;
-He's Ron Paul's son...
-He's sort of a cross between Danny Bonaduce and 'Ralph Mouth'...
-He's a staunch Republican, in line with their new Nutty McKook hook
-He's made insane promises and assertions regarding race, big business,
    and abortion
-He dislikes the government having a say in who a business can serve
   (that's code for "Whites Only", if you're keeping score at home)
-He's a hard line Tea Party rep who's in bed with/comes from Big Money,
    but wants to play like he's an average Joe

(Here's a telling video; when George Will thinks you're bad for the puds!)


However, his opponent, 'Democrat' Jack Conway, is like a Satanic 'Ken'
doll. He's more conservative and flip-flopping than your typical Log Cabiner,
and he seems pretty squirrely indeed. Picture Ted Haggard circa the big
molestation charges fallout; possessed, repressed, insane, and high on anything
he could get up his nose.


I rather imagine Conway will be arrested for being in the park after dark with
a young man probably in his employ, while Paul has all his dirty laundry and
insanity out in the open, where the Republicans can tout it as character.

Choices are 'slim' and 'none' for the governor's office this election season.
Off with their heads, Alice.

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