Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Danger of Positive Imagery: May 2010

So, to combat the anti-gay stance of most all of
small, rural, Southwest Georgia residents, God
inspired me to be courageous and create a
mobile message board.

A mural on my van comprised of positive images
and quotes to help inspire people and create hope
in an area that manifests little of either.

The positive pictures were selected to be neutral
enough to not illicit violence, but 'explicit' enough to
make clear that gay and lesbian people exist and
that it's more than okay.

(I'll get into statistics later as to the number of
gays and lesbians who run away, commit suicide,
hate themselves every day, live a lie, suffer from
depression and so forth as a result of people's
intolerance and deep-seated hatred.)

So I did my van up, used the images that had been
brought into my life, wrote up the appropriate phrases
to provide ALL people with some strength and hope,
and made my Inspiration Mobile. (Dubbed by the natives,
naturally, as the Fag Mobile. Feel the love. I wonder
why I felt I needed to do something?)

Then a few weeks later the Census called. Finally.
(Cuz no one knew when or if this operation was going to
happen.) After getting over the initial manufactured
nonsense they threw at me to keep me from continuing on
with them, I showed up to training every day in my van.
Everyone saw it, everyone knew about it, everyone
talked about it. It was not a secret.

Now, here's the rub, and where the bigots ran into
some trouble.
They couldn't fire me outright based on being gay.
They couldn't fire me outright based on non-Census
related politics.
They had regulations on the books about wearing
CLOTHING with logos and slogans on them, but
nothing prepared for a car mural. Hadn't been thought

They DID have regulations against POLITICAL bumper
stickers, but here's the rub;
1) They aren't stickers and they aren't just on my bumper!

2) They aren't 'political'; there's nothing being voted on now
and they're just images, not slogans; the 2 possibly 'political'
quotes/sayings were about gay marriage and the ACLU
(interestingly enough!) and I covered them with double-faced
tape when I went out, although someone would remove them
when I stopped in a public area, generally.

(Not to mention, when I had removed my bumper
stickers during the last operation, my crew leader told me
I hadn't needed to do that, that no one was worried about it,
and that no one else was doing it. (more on that later.))

3) I know for a fact that there were Census workers who
kept their Rebel flag vanity plates on their cars (let's get real;
you can't GET more divisive than a fugging Confederate flag!)
and those who kept their "CHOOSE LIFE"/anti-abortion license
plates on their cars, so let's get real about what this is; singling
out, not equal mandate.

The images in question? That threatened to disrupt the
fabric of society and bring a small community to the brink
of destruction?

+ Wedding picture of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
+ Picture of Harvey Milk smiling
+ Picture of a black man's hand holding a white man's hand
(which probably engendered more rage than the sexuality!)
+ Picture of a gay man and lesbian woman at a pride march
with a sign saying "Queer and Happy." (That's another
"No-No." Being queer and miserable--and closeted--is
perfectly acceptable to these people. But do NOT try and
live your life well. It will arouse wrath.)

So, you can see why people were losing their minds.....
and calling the Census to complain.

Now, as mentioned, they couldn't do anything about it
under the existing laws.
They surely didn't want to draw attention by addressing it
openly and appearing (accurately enough) to be inappropriately
harassing me or limiting my free speech or being uncool and hence the deception.

Ah, "How do you solve a problem like Robert?"
Cover-up, lies, deceit, fear, denial, duplicity and wrongful
termination.....It is the government, after all!
All to be met with an ongoing heap of all kinds of unwanted
attention to a bass-ackwards organization. I will not lie down...
I will not go quietly. God does not hate gays; God hates people
intolerant of gays. God gave me the voice and creativity and
passion and inspiration to speak up for Him, and I will not
back down from a righteous fight.

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