Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Same-Sex Hand-Holding Day (to End Homophobia)

So this is a new idea set forth by an activist (David
Watkins) to promote visibility, encourage and engage in
dialogues, and help end homophobia.

I think it's a wonderful notion, certainly in need
of more than a day's dedication, but progress is
slow and reluctant. Baby steps.

You might be thinking, "What's the big deal? Why do
we need to kiss and hold hands and marry? Isn't that stuff
private? What's the point?"
I would merely ask this;
Why should we not be allowed to show our love?

Love is passionate, powerful, and provocative.
And, make no mistake; it's political.
If they can take your ability to live free away from
you, then the ignorant win.
Does the thought of holding your love's hand in public terrify you?

Does it make you fearful and queasy and

repressed and stifled?
That isn't discomfort with self;
you've been conditioned to deny your own feelings.
Could there be a greater crime?

This is the lingering effect of invisibility and
social intimidation: Questioning our own
feelings. Not being comfortable in our own skin.
Denying our own desires. Accepting another's
limitations of us. Hiding our lives.

Are there dangers inherent?
I won't lie and pretend otherwise.
There is risk in all of true living.
But in the end, the choices we make define who
we are and the kind of life we live.
Do we continue to tread carefully and accommodate
the potential prejudices and misgivings of others,
or do we live freely and fully while we can?

A different world will not emerge unprovoked.
Wishing and legislating and hope will
not cause a paradigm shift.

No one can imprison us without our willing consent.



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