Tuesday, March 27, 2012

North Carolina's Amendment One

Here's the latest frightening letter from Adam Bink of the
Courage Campaign.
Anyone can respond to this, so here it is in its entirety.
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This is an important report on reprehensible behaviors
of those out to take this country backwards.
Fore-warned is fore-armed.
Don't despair; take action!


Robert: late last night, confidential memos by the National Organization for Marriage to its Board of Directors were published -- and they're disgusting(1).
In them, NOM's leaders pledge to:

"Drive a wedge between gays and blacks" by pushing these communities to fight over the language of "civil rights";

"Develop side issues to weaken pro-gay marriage political leaders" such as "protection of children," pornography and religious liberty;

"Find, train and equip young leaders" to become a "next generation of elites" working to defeat marriage equality; and

Emphasize "the consequences of gay marriage for parental rights."

But the most important part of this: NOM trumpeted their plans to dump millions of dollars into state-level campaigns while avoiding disclosure. In fact, they just reported a $50,000 contribution to pass Amendment One in North Carolina(2).

We're fighting back -- yesterday's launch of a nationwide moneybomb raised over $30,000 across ActBlue to defeat Amendment One, including over $10,000 from Courage members. Will you chip in on ActBlue to fight back against NOM's nauseating tactics and match their contribution in North Carolina?


Dear Robert:

On May 8th, North Carolina will vote on Amendment One, which bans marriage equality and any other form of recognition for same-sex couples. Polls show the public increasingly against Amendment One, but our opponents just began running an ad this weekend that spreads lies about same-sex families and urges a Yes vote on Amendment One. Our side has ads of its own, but we need the money to get them on the air.

That's why Courage Campaign is joining with the Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families to launch a nationwide $50,000 moneybomb and help the campaign hit its $1 million goal to get its first ads on the air. Will you chip in on ActBlue to help get our response up?

Robert, we can win this campaign. This month's Elon University poll showed 56.9% of North Carolinians oppose or strongly oppose an amendment that would ban civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples(3). That poll is one in a long string of polls showing increasing percentages of North Carolinians opposed to Amendment One.

We know what that means -- the more North Carolinians learn about how Amendment One harms same-sex families and their children, the more they're opposed to it. Our message is winning, Robert: now we just need the resources to get that message on the air. That's where you come in.

Please, chip in $15, $25 or more to help raise $50,000 on ActBlue this week so the Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families can respond to anti-gay ads and get our message on the air. We can beat this, with your help.

Amendment One harms families, especially children. It will hurt businesses and the economy when families decide to move out of a state that treats them as second-class citizens. Whether you identify as LGBT or are a straight ally, Amendment One will hurt North Carolina. President Obama knows this -- that's why he publicly denounced Amendment One on March 16th. Courage members like us have to tell that story to the rest of the state and we've got just over a month to do it.

Thank you for doing your part to beat Amendment One,

Adam Bink
Director of Online Programs, Courage Campaign

(1) "Top 10 Highlights From NOM's Race-Wedging, Donor-Hiding, Victim-Playing Confidential Strategies," Think Progress, March 27, 2012, http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2012/03/27/452430/top-10-highlights-from-noms-race-wedging-obama-smearing-donor-hiding-victim-playing-confidential-strategies/

(2) "Independent Expenditure Report: National Organization for Marriage" North Carolina State Board of Elections, February 27, 2012, http://www.ncsbe.gov/

(3) "New Poll Shows Increasing Opposition to Amendment One," Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families, March 9, 2012, http://www.protectncfamilies.org/press/new-poll-shows-increasing-opposition-amendment-one

To support our efforts to defeat Amendment One, click here to chip in on ActBlue:

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