Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tampa AIDS Network: Sticks of Fire

Rummaging through my boxes-o-junk,
I ran across some photographs I had forgotten about.

These are from the "Sticks of Fire" fundraiser I hosted at
Tung Nam Restaurant in Brandon, back when TAN
(Tampa AIDS Network) was still called TAN.
That's Mom with me above,
and below is the group of friends and family
that showed up to support.

Robyn Crittenden, front left, was just lost
to cancer last year.

I was glad to find this pic and remember some
of the good times we had, including this night,
and the dessert reception at University of Tampa
later that night.

You never know when you're going to lose people,
and it's always hard to lose them young.

Been feeling kind of nostalgic lately, not just
for the old gang and the old stomping grounds,
but for days when things were at least
the pretense of simpler.


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