Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Here's a newsflash for all you folks,
kids and oldsters alike;
There's nothing wrong with you.

'Religious' folks do now what they
have always done;
they seek those whom they can prey on,
and pretend to pray for them.

They want control over others because they
can't control themselves.
They see the world in stark, sad, scary terms
and want others to do the same.

It causes not bit of lost sleep for the
folks who run the 'reparative therapy'
centers or 'Pray away the gay' groups
to know that they have caused irreparable damage
to untold numbers of people...
making them fear their own feelings
and feel shame and disgust for

All in the name of a supposedly
loving deity.

As long as they can get folks to suppress their spirits
and deny their feelings, they're happy.
As long as the illusion and lie of
being 'like everyone else' is present,
the heartbreak and misery and
self-hate and denial that it takes to
achieve said lies are acceptable.

Conservative estimates say 10%
of the population is homosexual.
(I say it's much greater...I have seen
way too many people through the years!)
That means roughly 700,000,000 people
are currently queer.

What exactly do the people behind
trying to turn away from their real
selves gain by torturing 700 million
people on the planet?

Might be time to find out.


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