Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Choke That Chicken

So this joker, R. Clarke Cooper, who's the Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans
(now there are some credentials for ya! Oy!) came out swinging at his own community in the
Huffington Post in regards to the Chick-fil-A hoopla.

I'd like to give you a taste of what this pillow-biter had to squawk about from inside the
chicken factory.

"Turning a chicken sandwich into Public Gay Enemy Number One makes LGBT people look superficial, vindictive and juvenile -- everything that we as a community have worked hard to overcome. Remember, employers don't want drama queens on the payroll, military service is serious business, and marriage is not a right society grants to spoiled children. While in a perfect world our equality should not depend on our good behavior, in a world where our rights too often hinge on political reality, the way our movement conducts itself matters."

Where to begin, where to begin?!?

First of all, a sell-out Republican (who sucks up to the party most determined to eradicate
us) telling anyone what is 'inappropriate' behavior is laughable, at best. The idea that this
guy knows from public image is a farce.

Second, there is no "we," sweetheart. You and I do not play for the same team.
All you Log-Sucking Wannabees with your endless efforts to fit in and pry acceptance
are nauseating. We do not have the same goals in mind, nor do you speak for my community
or me.

You're meant to be a proponent for Equality?!?! You're chastising the rest of us for
speaking our minds?!? Get real, you apologist asshole.

Your over-the-top assumption that any one's trying to drive a huge multinational 'out of
business' is absurd, as was your soft-balling of the issue. It isn't about just fast food, ya moron; and continuously mocking the severity of the issue won't do anything but convince folks you
are exactly what you are....a mouthpiece who wants all of us to be a 'good' little croney and
mind our place, like you've been 'smart enough' to do.

You are doing a grand job serving those massers real good now, House Boy Roy, and I shore
nuff knows they appreciates it. So much so they may let you keep dancing your self-deprecatin'
Bojangles dance while they wet themselves laughing.

To you, 'earning respect' is all about playing a role. A role that isnt' genuine, to receive
handouts and respect that isn't real.

(By the by, it is a free country--on paper at least--and if this asshole felt so great a need to
shove his agenda down the public's throat, then he gets the repercussions that follow. No
one made him mix business and politics. Sacrifice for what you believe in. The rest of us do.)

This response to the C-F-A Prez is opposition to a dated homophobic policy of a major
corporation with lots of money, lots of outlets, lots of pull. You downplaying the impact of such policies is ridiculous.  Either you're not very smart or you presume we aren't.

We're not talking about philosophical differences or disagreements here. This man
willingly and vociferously and proudly stated opposition to gays marrying on moral grounds,
and has thrown his hat in the ruing with others who have a more visibly violent agenda;
to degrade and disregard and disrespect us in every arena. To lessen our roles in the world
we live in.

Them's fighting words.

These folks promote a rabid distaste for us--an unbound, angry, rhetoricized lust for our
undoing that is not limited to curbing our social and civil rights. Their lies, venom, and
embitteredness for us is a machine that drives hate, embeds lies, and takes lives.
That's where your precious 'fast food' money is going, jackass.

Hate speech and discrimination concepts fuel and rule the world of closeted people
everywhere. It is not a small matter. And these people do not care about nor respond
to diplomacy. YOU go be silent some more, why don'tcha?

Businesses, churches, politicians, and others are circling the wagons, and it isn't
about cutesy sound-bites you see on TV. Pull your chicken-head out of your monkey-ass
and wake up.

Turncoat Slams Other Activists: Cooper's Rant in Full


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