Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Every Thing its Time and Place

People seem to find that calling me
an 'angry activist' is a curse;It's not.
It's a gold star, really.

Yes, I'm angry;I'm paying attention.

People setting their sights on us
because we 'differ' from what they
wish the world to be like.
People targeting me with violence,
denied opportunities, slander, gossip,
vandalism, threats, assaults, limited
access and denial of basic freedoms...
all because of who I am.

It won't change me.
I won't deny myself.
I won't live my life quietly
or in a closet in order to make others
'happy' with their false sense of strength,
empowerment, or entitlement.

Who the hell do these idiots think they are?

Well, they only have the ability if we
acquiesce and allow them the ability.

If my spirit and drive is mistaken as
anger and bitterness, so be it.
It won't be interpreted as 'victimized.'

"Oh, but we need to preserve dignity, and
deal diplomatically, and mend fences, and
build bridges, Robert...you shouldn't do
anything that will alienate people and make
them think we're all nuts or anarchists."

Here's a newsflash: those that hate us on
'religious' grounds (what a laff!) will never
care anything about us except to see us jailed,
neutered, or dead. You spend your life tucking
tail, apologizing for existing, and compromising
if you want.

My version of "Keep it civil" is to respond
as such; When someone is attempting to make
a second class citizen out of me, to strip my
power, my rights, my livelihood, my esteem,
I shall respond--
"Dear Sir/Madame, I appreciate that you
have gone to a great deal of trouble to become so
adamantly ignorant, so I do humbly beseech you
as kindly as possible...please do...

Let's keep it real.


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