Friday, May 24, 2013

Good for the Goose

Isn't is special....

that when I'm/we're getting dumped on, pissed on, shit on,
run over, disregarded, maligned, discarded, stepped on,
betrayed, ostracized, bullied, and so forth...

there's not a single worry or concern, no flag raised from
any quarter or corner by 'upstanding,' 'moral' citizenry that
cares so deeply for the welfare of their fellow man.

But, when I get fed up and become as tough and hardened
as the assholes who are out to destroy me, all of a sudden
my use of the same methods they used to denigrate and offend are
inappropriate, off-limits, distasteful, unacceptable, and cruel?

Thus, the insidiousness of having a second-class division (even
if only in the mentally-recessed minds of those who believe in
a separation between 'them' and 'us') is made crystal clear.
When there's indoctrination as to the idea of lessened worth of certain
others, the actions of discrimination don't take anyone by surprise.

And the need to ignore their double-standards and learn to
defend ourselves from them at all costs is underscored with
great prejudice.

Stand Up

Speak Out.

Demand Your Share.

And to Hell with those who want to shame and bully you into
'proper' actions. "Sitting back and taking it" is no longer on the

I don't know what leader they think they're following,
feeling justified in attempting to make our lives
harder, but I'll tell you it really is--

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