Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Superficial is as Far as We Need to Go

We have lost our sense of curiosity in this country.
Not the 'oops, there goes the basement' or 'I wonder what
I'll tell the wife about last night' brand of curiosity, but
rather the style of asking questions.
We take things at face value, and have ceased to endeavor
to discover what is under the surface. But I have questions...
so many, many questions that come to mind.

Like, what would make all these grown men and women
(and some especially grown ones) dedicate their lives to
criminalizing and demonizing homosexual men and women?

Why do these people imagine they are in any way linked to
a divine being when they exhibit all this rage and intolerance
and pride and self-importance?

What makes homosexuals the brunt of their focus?

What are they hiding in their heads, their hearts, their secret
recesses, their pasts? Their closets?
(Cuz the Bible I read told folks to get their own shit
in order, not to go looking for trouble elsewhere.)

Of all the things in all the world to divert their energies and
affections into, why us? Why not feeding the poor? Or clothing
the cold? Or healing the sick? Cuz I don't recall 'Berate the
lovers of the same sex' as part of the Beatitudes.

It's just curious to me. And, yes, curious as in 'I wonder what
it would feel like to get naked with another man?' curious.

What's beneath the surface?

I think we need to turn upside down the private lives of those
who would crucify us. It's just a question of justice.


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