Thursday, May 10, 2012

The End of the World as We Know It

The President's statement in support of gay marriage was an immense
decision. He had been on the fence about taking action, conceivably to
try and politically placate both sides of the argument. (Why certain people
are even involved in the matter and determined to create an argument
is another day's story.)
Roberts with the President for his interview
There were several contributing factors that came together to serve
as impetus for the declaration; Vice President Biden's strident and
supportive weekend comments in favor of allowing gay marriage,
an upcoming fundraiser in Hollywood where gay influence and
liberal intent is prime, ongoing pressure from all sides to make a
declarative statement on his position, and the just-passed anti-gay
marriage amendment in North Carolina (on Tuesday.)
 (A decision, by the way, with much further-reaching problems for
more than just gays and lesbians, and of course setting a precedent,
making it easier for other states to follow suit.)

Some will say he is pandering to his base, but it was the riskiest
of moves. I'm afraid I don't share my fellow Queers glowing delight
at this announcement. Proud as I am of the action, the timing may
be devastating for the greater good.
(Too little, too late?)
Homosexuality causes the most rancor and debate and division
over any other topic or civil rights issues today; it is still social
suicide, though opponents would paint a different picture of our
world, as one of liberalism run amok and Bible-lovers being
discriminated against and hard lined. Nothing could be further
from the truth.

There is a cancer of social conservatism and totalitarianism
threatening to overtake our country. Opposition to treating we
homosexuals fairly (and well) may be the foot they use to get in
the door more fully.

The Latino voter base, Black voters, older voters, and religious
voters are all predominantly vehemently anti-gay, and this 'topic'
is of the make-it-or-break-it variety.

Conflict of Interest
This is an issue of dark hatred for many. Churches still preach of
hellfire and brimstone and utter contempt for homosexuals, labeling
it as everything from demon possession to fallen men and women
to being unclean. This pathological intensity to interpret the world
through a supposedly moral lens of unflinching certainty and 'moral
superiority'  is a troubling one. These are the people, of course, who
engage in--and excuse--all manner of 'sin' and 'immorality' of their
own, but still see fit to try and condemn and regulate others as their
personal business.

They want the world to be stuck in the superstitious and frightened
lack of progressive thinking they have been subjected to.

The swing looks good on paper...but paired with a black liberal,
will pro-gay rights be the death knell for Obama?
Being anti-gay and openly, ardently opposed to gay marriage is what won Bushie Jr. his 2004 're' election. Forget the war, forget
the fuck-ups, forget the economy, forget everything; being anti-gay
was the polarizing force that pulled all his noncommittal and non-
plussed pseudo-supporters to the polls in throngs, ready for '4 more

"Can't let them gays marry; it'd be the end of the world."

Yes, it is just that clear-cut and insane for these people.

So, too, will all doubting Thomases in the Republican--and Romney
and conservative and evangelicals--camp now be consolidated behind
Little Mitt. He's now their 'Savior-appointed' godsend to turn back
the tide of the liberal and immoral they see it. These
folks really believe in all this righteousness and warfare baloney.

(Silly me; I thought marriage was about love.
Don't see much love in the opposition's anti-gay stances.)
The big issue will be seeing if all the progressive young liberals who
are registered as Independent or who were thinking of voting for
Ron Paul or whatever other Indy candidate may run on the ticket
can shift their consciousness in the next few months.

They intend to idealistically use their votes to promote the unlikeliest
underdog of candidates to send a message and open the door for
future support of these reforms. But that isn't what it'll do.

I agree with taking a stand. I also agree that Obama is in many ways
'just another politician' and a part of a broken system.

He's also the far better alternative to a religious fanatic/conservative
Republican stooge who hasn't stayed the course on anything in all
his years in public office; a billionaire who has made a living destroying
businesses and eliminating jobs and living a blue-blood high life completely
disconnected from reality. A corporate thug. Romney would be a
disaster for this country, and a vote for an independent candidate will
only take away from a vote for defeating Romney; it'll be the Nader
disasters all over again.

Romney responded Wednesday to the president's comments by stating
that he believes personally that marriage is only between a man and a
woman. He was very casual, almost matter-of-fact, as if this is just a
meaningless thought and he isn't actually intending to impose the
obliterating of gay marriage with a vengeance.

Well, he didn't need to be condemning or vocal of the president; the
shit storm from nut bag evangelicals will be like nothing this country
has ever seen. From Fox News to talk radio to CBN and every church
in this nation, this is the new Hot Button.

Oh, and Mitt also added that his position "has never changed" (To which
he smartly added "In the campaign!" Meaning of course that Mitt did in
fact previously offer full support on the issue of gay marriage, since the
only thing he has ever done consistently is flip-flop on every major issue--
gun control, gay rights, abortion, health care, bailouts, etc.)
(Reaction to North Carolina's new amendment on Tuesday)

Can we get people to understand the severity and danger of a police
state in this country? Can we motivate people to stop being apathetic
about the Powers That Be? The ones who want to run things already
have the money, the power, the influence to get big numbers to the poll.
Because they aren't satisfied with the control they have--they want to
impose their will on everything. Minds. Schools, Actions, Rights.
Bedrooms. Words. Eradicating difference wherever they find it.
(Fox Nation's website image post-statement;
since reworded. Mm-hmm!)
Yes, there are six more months in the campaign. But many will never
hear another word on another argument after the president's proclamation
supporting equal rights. They will be fervently opposed for the duration.
Because clearly, if you're not familiar, Baby Jesus was known through-
out that Judeo-Christian Bible for telling his 'followers' to get riled up
about the personal doings of others, implementing laws for the masses
that reflect the opinion of the few, imposing religious beliefs on others,
advocating prejudice and judgement and discrimination, etc.

(These are also the same folks that go on and on about having 'less
government,' right? Hmmnnn.)

Somebody tell me again why people are more worked up about gay
sex and relationships than they are any other subject matter?

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