Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Do's and Don'ts of Being a Gay Activist"

(Viktor Kerney, activist and author of
"Maybe It's Just Me")
This is a great article from a sister blog called "Maybe it's Just Me."

He does some great stuff, and he gave me permission to re-post
this especially well-done piece on "Do's and Don'ts of Being a Gay
Activist" that he recently wrote!


This gay activist stuff is no joke. I had no idea what I was getting into;
but I can't complain, it's been an interesting experience. Free trips,
meeting great folks and getting great opportunities, it's truly been

But I thought I would share some nuggets of info for those who are
thinking about getting into the activist game.

DO know where you stand on the issues and stand firm.

DON'T just follow other activists blindly, they can and will be wrong
at times.

DO research all causes, laws and lawmakers.

DON'T accept anyone's word, without proof of truth.

DO realize that your views may not be popular.

DON'T kiss ass to be popular. Many activists try anything to get the
attention of the JoeMyGods out there. Just be yourself and stand firm
with your beliefs.

DO know the gay rights fight is long and tedious.

DON'T think our civil rights can be completed in a presidential term.

DO know the political game.

DON'T be naive about politics.

DO know how to be strategic.

DON'T go all in without plan B & C.

DO know who and what you're fighting.

DON'T fight everyone and every battle.

DO have an open mind.

DON'T suffer from tunnel vision and group think.

DO remember it's about our community.

DON'T make it all about you.

Okay, that's my 3 cents.


"Maybe it's Just Me..."

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