Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hate Groups Try To Ruin Another Republic

Fight the good fight; oppose evil everywhere!
The Force is With You!

So those Fuck-wads at the "Family Research Council" (the idiot
anti-gay hate group) are protesting and trying to change things at
BioWare, the company that produced the new "Star Wars:The
Old Republic" MMO game.

The new online video game allows players to choose same-sex
relationships or status when creating and picking their fictional
characters. (Yay!) The FRC dolts think everyone thinks like
them--or they're upset because they know we don't--and they're
trying to put the Kabosh on it all.

So, do your part...
sign in to the forums and post an appreciative or supportive
comment for the game and company. Here's the game site;

Or just contact the company and let them know your thoughts
in support of the game and the same-sex character existence.

Mailing Address:

BioWare Edmonton
200-4445 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton AB
Canada T6H 5R7

Phone: 780-430-0164
Fax: 780-439-6374

Remember; brief and professional is best!*************************************************

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