Monday, January 16, 2012

Many Happy Returns

(As a practice, I don't normally import original content from one
blog to another, but this is from my Georgia Unity blog this week.)
I want to stop and take a moment for some clarity.

"Thank You," to all our haters.

I want to express the mountain of Love I have for
the Michelle & Marcus Bachmanns, the Fred Phelps
sorts, the Rick Santorums, the Mitt Romneys, and
the Pat Robertsons.

You are the reason I am such a strength. Why I
will continue to gather and promote power.

You are what motivates me to fight on, to persevere,
to speak up and stand out and find that inner strength
that exists within us all.

You are the reason a whole new generation of my
brothers and sisters are galvanizing, forging together
as one to defeat the enemy. If left to our own devices,
we likely would not have been so resolute or determined,
but the clarion call of defending ourselves against your
misguided vivisecting is a godsend.

I am more whole because of you.

I am steadfastly fierce and fiery because of you.

I am toughened, motivated, and hastened by your threat.

I am more determined to never cease, and never give in.
You are the cornerstone of proof needed to showcase the
real demons facing me and mine every day.

Each child's death, spurred on by your hate and selfishness
and misinformation, only ensures that our lives will be
more focused on meting out justice, on changing the
backwardness of the land, of combating evils like
you and yours.

Each adult's life lived in exile from their own body,
suppressed and fearful and self-loathing, based on
your nonsensical dogma and rhetoric, will spur me
on to victory at any cost.
You have convinced me there is no god, because no
god would support the likes of you, and no god would
allow you to misuse its truly holy name. No god would
permit your devilish existence.

And I now know that, no matter how down-and-out
and nutsy-squirrel I become, I will never be the most
bat-shit crazy dope-headed ignorant fucker in the room,
cuz you all have that shit hammered down and notarized.

Thank you, and again;
I love you and appreciate you for the purpose you give
my day. I will beat you. Me and mine are locked in
battle to live well and leave your sad sickness in the dust.

All your hard work has paid off handsomely.


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