Saturday, January 7, 2012

Recommended Reading

Open up whole new worlds with these great books!

1.)  LOVING SOMEONE GAY by Don Clark, PhD

2.)  THE VELVET RAGE: Overcoming the Pain of Growing up Gay in a Straight Man's World 
      by Alan Downs, PhD

3.)  BECOMING A MAN: Half a Life Story by Paul Monette


4.)  FINDING THE BOYFRIEND WITHIN: A Practical Guide for Tapping Into Your Own
      Source of Love, Happiness, and Respect by Brad Gooch

5.)  REFLECTIONS OF A ROCK LOBSTER: A Story About Growing Up Gay
       by Aaron Fricke

There are plenty of other excellent books about overcoming the difficulties of growing
up gay (LGBTQ) in this world. Some great resources to help make life more easily
understood and easily weathered. I recommend checking them out.

If you can't afford to purchase, many states will allow you to special order books
from other library branches and have them delivered to yours. Or check out online
used book sales. If privacy is a concern, check out the availability of pdf formats
as many books are available entirely online.

I'll have more of these in the future. We have similar experiences, but many voices.
Hearing all of them helps.


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