Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bronski Beat - "Smalltown Boy"

A real-life anthem from back in the day!

Sometimes music was the only outlet available to  young (or old!) people
coming to terms with self and discovering who they were. Dynamic, out,
proud, and inspirational, these folks cut across all the problems!

Bands like Bronski Beat, the Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, Morrissey
(The Smiths,) Richard Barone, Marc Almond, Dead of Alive, and the
like served a vital, life-saving mission for Family.

Even the visibility of (ridiculously) closeted folks like Marc Anthony,
George Michaels, Ricky Martin, and such (Girl, pleez...who you think
you was fooling!?!) and honorary gay groups like Depeche Mode and
Tears for Fears were of great assistance in the hard, dark days of the
Reagan-era AIDS-rampant 1980s.

And the day hasn't come when we don't need every bit of support we
can get. Enjoy.


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