Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seussin' Out on a Q-Nug

Dr. Seuss was a gay old soul, with a super message
for family! (Pictured above; Miss Thing 1 and Miss
Thing 2.) Here's my version of some Seuss magic,
for kids young and old!

In case no one told you
let me be the first to say,
"It's okay to be you...
It's okay to be gay!"

To say what you feel,
to live life each day,
to not live in hiding,
to choose your own way,

No matter how many
grind you under their heel,
Being you's not just 'okay'
it's what makes you real!

When in the morning
while lifting your head,
before you've forgotten to
think different, instead,

When you open your eyes
and your dream's still alive,
and you feel in your heart
the passion to thrive...
before the world crashes in,
remember that start!

Before you're beat down
and choked by the 'rules,'
before conformity crushes
through churches and schools,

SAVE that special part
that lives deep within
Protect and aspire
and have your moment of Zen!
(No matter if those
who support you
number 'Zero'
or one-hundred and ten!)

Here's a hint and a clue--
beginning middle and end--
it works all the way through;

There are those who condemn others
cuz they can't accept them...
they're crazy and hurtful
and ungodly, too,
but it has absolutely nothing to do
with other people...
including you.

So say what you wish
and feel what you feel,
it's not just okay--
It's what makes you Real!


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