Saturday, January 12, 2013

With Great Thanks to PFLAG's founder, Jeanne Manford

Anyone who has read me or listened to me over the years knows
of the enormous love and respect I have for the group
PFLAG (Parents, Friends, Family of Lesbians & Gays.)

It is one of the single greatest resources for all people
in the LGBTQ community, and one of the most effective
means of changing hearts and minds in this terrible
world we find ourselves traipsing through.

The founder of this group--one woman, Jeanne Manford--
passed away this last week, and her story and heart
deserves to be related. 

Please check out Rachel Maddow (below) for the most
poignant and evocative, all-encompassing tribute I think
anyone could have managed. (Thank you, Rachel!)

And Thank You, Jeanne.

For more info on the group, helpful information about
coping with being gay in a hateful world, and access to support
groups in your area, please check them out here


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