Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dissecting Hate

How can we determine what the best possible response to
a culture of hate will be?

We have anti-gay laws, we have unexpected homophobic
remarks accosting us in public, we get disowned by family,
there is threat of physical violence and's an
ongoing concern from every direction.

The world is changing so rapidly, from the economic front to
the political factionalizing to the growing number of hate groups.

We have new legislation passing--and being repealed--every
day and many cities/counties/states' laws are completely
contradictory to one another.

There isn't one set rule of thumb for handling ignorance, bias,
and hate actions, so how can we serve a unified response?
How can we teach people how to prepare and survive their

experiences with those who would see us harmed simply
because they think they can?

I sometimes wonder if giving attention and energy to hate
groups and talking heads doesn't embolden them. I'm sure
that it does, to an extent...but I'm not naive enough to think
you can simply let uncouth, hurtful words go undenounced,
nor inappropriate legislation go unchecked.

But at what point to we simply block out the negativity of
the masses and commit to living our own best life, designing
for ourselves and those we love an air of calm, loving, and

If I could pass on one idea to the coming generations of
'differently attracted' kids, it would be to not let anyone
else instruct your inner landscape. Not church people, not
parents, not friends, not organizations. Each person has to
become grounded in their own personhood, and not merely
channeling others' strength.

It's hard, and it takes a lot of time, usually. But at the end of
it all, the most distinguished contribution anyone can make to
Hate is to not let it destroy their happiness or upend their life.

Living well really is the best revenge.

Maybe it's time we stopped getting quite so emotionally
wrapped up in all the horrible things that are said about us?

We can't cure stupid, and this earth will never be a paradise.
Maybe we can just become dedicated to our own inner Utopias...
and help others do the same.


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